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    Should I have a goal?

    A: An awful lot of business owners seem to be writing in about being stuck and they're uncomfortable with their business.

    They're kind of looking for one thing to do. And when I come to that place, it is usually because I don't have a goal. I'm not reaching for something.

    When I was probably 20 years old at one of my first jobs after college, I was working in western clothing. That's a whole other story, so we'll save that for another day.

    I wanted to have a house, that was really important to me. I remember hearing this guy talk about the power of goal setting that, too many times people say, 'Well, I wanna go on vacation,' but nothing really happens.

    But if they got a brochure or a friend told them, 'Hey, we're gonna leave July 29th, and we're gonna go to fly to London. And from there, we're gonna take a boat down to Greece and we're gonna spend three days down there,' and all those details start getting them excited and they're like, 'Yes, I can go on a vacation like that.' That forward looking feeling raises a sense of possibilities.

    That's what goals do for you. It sets you on a path to see that place. When I heard that story, I knew I wanted to have a house, so I just wrote down, 'I want to have a house by the time I'm 24.'

    And in those days, it was a hell of a lot easier. I think I only had to put $10,000 down. Sorry, millennials, but that was a long time ago. 

    Before I started my business, I place a slip of paper in my wallet,  that I wanted to be an independently wealthy speaker. I set that goal and I wanted to do it. And you know what?  I found myself working at a job with a client and looked at that slip to realize I'd been there too long, two years too long.

    I asked myself, 'Why aren't I living up to that goal? It was important to me. I want work towards that.' I quit and never looked back.

    My point to you is that you have to set a goal and work towards it. 

    If you're stuck, you're feeling like there's nothing that's going right, or whatever it is today, just find one project, just do one small thing then set a goal so that you can attain it.

    Notice with a goal you're looking forward instead of looking backwards at the garbage you're putting in your mind that you'll never be successful or you don't deserve this and hearing what your mom said that you were stupid and all that other junk we deal with.

    That's a whole other topic we have to deal with.

    But just today, think of that one goal that you want to set, that one goal that you're going to achieve, whether that's going be today or it's going be something even bigger.

    Then take the steps to attain and exceed it!

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