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    What is one piece of advice critical to a new retail business?

    Q: "I moved my shop a few months ago and have been in a new space for a few months. We have practically doubled our sales because it's a better location, more foot traffic, always good. What's one piece of advice you would give to a business in my situation to continue to growth?"

    A: Number one thing most new retailers forget is you have got to get those people who bought from you's contact information. You also have to hold it securely so you're not going to have a signup form at your register and say, "Hey, just put your email down." People aren't going to do that.

    But you have aggressively find a way to hold onto these people and then ask them to like your Facebook page, or if you have WiFi you can connect it to Facebook and say, login to our WiFi via Facebook.

    Anything you can do to hold onto that tribe is the key thing that you don't want to forget.

    That's because people who gave you money are much more important than people who walk around your store and say, 'You have a nice store here, I'll be back.' That does nothing.

    The people who gave you money, that's how you build your business because you can market to people who already know you and trust you.

    Just having people on a list doesn't do anything.

    But people who give me money, my customers, I have to find ways to love them more. 

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