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    Is it Better to Get a Customer In and Out of the Store or Build a Relationship?

    Q: "When faced with a customer who doesn't want to buy what you have, but needs to. Is it better to just get them in and out? Or try to do the standard relationship building sale process. We sell musical instruments. And the number one line we hear is, 'I'm not going to spend more than I have to, this kid's going to quit anyway. And usually right in front of the kid, which is heartbreaking."

    A: I do not believe in just giving shoppers what they ask for. Many times it won't do what they want and they'll blame you. 

    Retail has to get out of the transactional business - one and done - and move to the relational business. Only then can you be a trusted advisor and help them get the best product. That takes sales training to build trust first. 

    As to a music store, here's the thing, you give them a crappy instrument and it's not going to sound good no matter how much they practice- it's not going to feel as good.

    So the point is you’ve got to be thinking about what is it that keeps kids from practicing? What is it that lets a parent say this? I would go through and I would be writing blogs and thinking about that parent. Why are they really saying they don't want to pay for something that could change their child's life? Has the kid tried something before and failed? If so, it's an easy out.

    But your goal is to get the sale; to get the best instrument for that student.

    When the parent was a kid, did they take music lessons and never did anything with it?

    Do they not believe in music? Or any number of things. Write a blog, “Seven reasons why kids stop practicing and why you should spend more on a musical instrument.”

    Then make sure that you're getting that out on social media. Do a quick video too.

    The key is to make sure you are using shopper psychology to get the shopper what they need, not just take the easy way out."

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