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    How to keep sales team motivated?

    Q: The energy is very important on the sales floor. How can I pull out the fun and energy from sales associates to motivate them?

    A: The problem with this is, you don't pull motivation out of them. Ultimately, your associates are supposed to bring that to work, right?

    I could only motivate you if you want to be motivated. You know, if I told you that this pen would be a prize and if you were a writer and you knew that this would give you the book advance of $10,000 that you've always wanted, you would work hard for this reward. But for most other people, it's like, "It's a pen. What the hell would I want a pen for?"

    Some just give bonus money and that seems fine. 

    Unfortunately, with a third of millennials living at home and a third of them with no credit card, you’re spending cash but it figures in their lives differently. They’re probably not thinking like when you were college-age, "I need this money to pay rent."

    I would encourage you to turn back around and ask your associates, "How do we make this a more fun place?" Because most people will think fun is something the boss has to come up with. "Oh, well, I'll do a secret Santa."And that's kind of it.

    I would encourage your associates to find out how do they make it more fun. Honestly, training is what makes work fun.

    You can come up with games of building add-ons, you can come up with games of role playing people when shoppers walk in the door, you could come up with what to do when the fitting room gets all filled with people. Then add some props to the role-plays. So the guy is wearing a boa or the girl is carrying in an archery set. Whatever it is, your goal is to keep their mind engaged.

    So many managers and owners miss that their most important job is training and keeping their associates' minds engaged. They get annoyed when they see someone standing around so they say, "if you can lean you can clean." Which works in a busy restaurant but often leads to employees coming up with tasks like moving merchandise to stay busy. That's not very fun.

    There's a million things you can do to make working retail fun and interesting, and  But it's gonna take them wanting to play. And if they don't want to play, then why the hell are you paying them any money?"

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