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    Hope For Retail: Ralph Lauren

    Hey, it's Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doc. Thanks for joining me on my Hope For Retail project. Today I'm talking about Ralph Lauren. You know, I was walking through the mall, back in, I think it was the fall sometime, and I pass by Polo and it's been years since I've gone into a Polo shop for many reasons.

    One, I'm just not that guy anymore, right? I'm not that preppy guy. I used to wear an awful lot of rugbys and everything, and I saw the shoulder of this hoodie shining at me and I thought, "Wow, that's kind of cool." And I went in and tried it on. It's lightweight. I thought, "Oh, this would be really nice to be able to wear like on vacation or whatever."

    But it's the fall. It was too early for me to wear. And, I thought, "Well, I'll also wear it when I'm flying." Needless to say, that's not happening right now. But it speaks to exactly why that is such a great brand that it does have a history of great design that people want to have. And I salute you, Ralph Lauren, one of the great success stories of America.

    So many different versions of Ralph Lauren out there and available in their own stores as well as in department stores and other ways. And what I really enjoy about them again, is it's a uniquely American perspective, and even a guy like this, you know, back in the nineties I had my colors done and a woman had said, "Oh, these are the three blues that you want to wear."

    And, you really want it in a print that doesn't repeat cause it will make you look small if it's like that. So it clicked all of the buttons and I bought it happily and I'm looking forward to wearing it when it gets a little bit warmer. I'll have a little more of a tan, but I wanted to make sure that you understood Ralph Lauren employees, associates, and executives who watched this, that we are looking for discovering things we didn't even know we wanted from your brand and your great merchandising, your quality product are waiting for us in your stores. And as they start to reopen, remember, we want to come back with hope. We want to come back with joy. And even if we have to wear a mask or you have to wear a mask, that's what retail does, is it excels at discovery.

    And the danger of everybody thinking it's all going to be online is we're going to be nothing more than point and click. And I hate to tell you something like this on a website is not going to be near the same as me seeing it. It calling to me. I try it on, I go, "Hey, that's my brand." You know, you can do this project too. Find your favorite brand or group of stores that you like.

    Tell a personal story and then use the hashtag Hope for Retail. Remember, every purchase has a story around how we found it as well as how we either gave it or used it, and don't forget, that's our unique ability in brick and mortar retail - to be able to find those stories in people's lives, give them what they want, and hopefully give them that feeling that they matter.

    And ultimately, that's the secret to great retail. You don't have to be looking for the next shiny object. You just have to execute brilliantly every time. I'm Bob Phibbs the Retail Doc, I'll see you tomorrow for another brand on my Hope for Retail videos. Thanks. Bye.

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