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    Hey everybody. It's Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doc. Thanks for joining me here today. We're in our second week now of my Hope For Retail, where every day I try to pick out one brand that has brick and mortar locations and give encouragement and hope. Let's face it, it is becoming whack-a-mole on the doom and gloom stage that so many people are working on these days.

    "Let me show another might, could, maybe, and I've connected all the dots and life is pointless, and there's no Santa Claus." I intend to change that because the only way the economy ever works is hope. People who fear the world do not buy. And people who feel they're hopeful end up going into stores. And so my message today is for Allen Edmonds.

    And Allen Edmonds I found in Manhattan, I had planter fasciitis, which is really painful to walk around with. And, I went to a foot doctor and he gave me inserts to put into my shoes, but none of my shoes fit. So when I was in Manhattan, I'm walking down the street, I go into an Allen Edmonds and I tell the guy I'm looking for a shoe I can put my inserts in.

    And he tells me, "Well, you know, 30% of guys your age have to put inserts in. We have a whole line that's just for that." I was like, "Oh, awesome." So he measures my foot. And he comes back and he has the pair of shoes I'd looked at. And then he had the same shoe in black. There you go. This is from my work duds, and he had another box and he's just following what I would have done when I was a shoe dog.

    I got my first job, put myself through college selling shoes, Nunn Bush and Florsheim, which were big brands back then. And, so I tried them on. They fit great. The black worked really well. That was great. Then he pulled out a casual shoe, which is exactly what you're supposed to do, and I'm sure that the old shoe dogs at Nordstrom and Saks and the other ones understand that you always pull out whatever somebody is asking for, a similar one, either the same color or the same in a different color, and then in all our alternatives.

    So if I'm looking for dress shoes, I pick out another one that's in a different color and then a casual, or if somebody is looking for casual shoes, then I'm going to pick out the dress shoe. And to make a long story short, he got three pairs of shoes out the door that day.

    I got what I wanted. He got what he wanted. And you know what? I didn't come in there for those other two pairs of shoes. I came in for one because I was in pain. And again, it happened in a brick and mortar store. People don't do that when they go shop and buy 10 pair on an online site and have them sent back and forth.

    And you know what? There's no story to it either because I remember that store in Manhattan in Midtown, and I still go to them to get additional shoes and shoelaces and all this stuff that goes with it. Because I got a feeling when I went there. And so if you're working Allen Edmonds or you're a shoe dog out there, just remember we are going to come back.

    We love your product. You're going to be the ones that we go to and just make sure that you rise to the challenge to bring hope back to us because hopeful people buy more. And if you're like what I have to say, you know what, you can do your own Hope for Retail. Quite simply pick a brand you like, tell a story about it, give it a hashtag and give them a shout out too.

    Maybe we can eliminate more of the doom and gloom, what if, might, could, would days ahead of us. All the other stuff that seems to be preoccupying an awful lot of writers these days and instead find a way forward together. Cause at this point, this is a we issue. Not a me issue. 

    In hope I'm fearless. I'm Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doc.

    Thanks for watching. I'll see you again tomorrow.

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