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Hi, it’s Bob Phibbs again, the Retail Doctor.

I get it - you’re busy! What if I told you the on-demand training you just signed up for will be the best investment you make into your business this year? I believe that much in the content, strategies, and tactics I’m going to show you.

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“We've been using SalesRX for more than a year. We've done better than I imagined when I started this program. Not only does SalesRX help to grow sales, but it also creates a better work environment for everyone on the team through clear instructions and applicable teachings."

Susanne Wolf

Prince George, BC

“You can't walk away from a session without being energized to go make a difference in how we approach our customers. Since using SalesRX our sales customer service level has increased. I love walking around the store and hearing our team members actually engage the customer.”

Lane Stumme

Director Of Retail Operations

“SalesRX is world-class training for our 400 dealers. It will pay for itself very quickly through increased sales.”

Paul Ashworth

CEO and President, Bernina


What is SalesRX and what does it do?

SalesRX is an online, virtual training platform, teaching you how to engage a stranger, build rapport and sell the merchandise in your brick-and-mortar store.

83% of the retailers using SalesRX report increased sales and customer satisfaction, often in double digits within a few months.

SalesRX helps you to:

  • Get more out of your foot traffic
  • Get the skills to manage better
  • Get everyone on the same page
  • Get tailored training

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