“Retailers can make a better world by training employees how to greet, build rapport and sell.”

The Doctor is in...

Retail Consulting  

In 1993 Bob Phibbs received the Greatest Increase In Sales Award from South Coast Plaza, then the highest grossing per square foot mall in America. The award came as no surprise to the enthusiastic customer service expert, because he had helped his retailer grow from five to over fifty five locations.

When asked at a meeting shortly thereafter, what a company’s most important asset was, expert retail consultant Bob Phibbs replied, "Employees, of course." When the owner countered his response by claiming that the customers were the company's most precious asset , Bob simply replied:


“A customer can go anywhere they want at any time. The only way to build a business is through your employees,” he said.


The owner stood his ground, and within a day Bob resigned. Shortly thereafter, he founded The Retail Doctor.


The Retail Doctor's Office

Bob Phibbs performed business evaluations and retail sales training for several small businesses, but it wasn’t until he spotted a coffee retailer going head-to-head with two Starbucks that he hit his stride. With his retail consulting prowess, he gave the business a complete makeover which resulted in a 50% increase in year-over-year sales and 40% on top of that the following year. The resulting coverage propelled the Retail Doctor to become the small business and customer service expert in Southern California and on to the speaker's pdium as a sought after business keynote speaker leading to unrivaled national exposure.


The Speaker's Podium

Bob Phibbs is an engaging and passionate motivational speaker who takes pride in helping thousands of businesses succeed, especially when their customer base has been challenged. As a member of the National Speaker’s Association (NSA), Bob is regularly featured as a business keynote speaker for a multitude of organizations, corporations, and business conferences.


Bob’s aggressive and comprehensive retail consulting ideas, along with his combined best practices has proved successful in helping firms of all types and sizes. 

Bob’s passion and enthusiasm are hallmarks of his presentation skills. He has consulted for, and given presentations, to some of the world’s best-known retail brands, including Brother, Caswell-Massey, Hunter Douglas, LEGO, Lumber Liquidators, OMEGA, Yamaha, and Vera Bradley.


The Media

A frequent guest on MSNBC and Fox, he and his work have been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. In addition, Bob provides business makeovers for the Los Angeles Times.


The Books

The Retail Doctor's award-winning book, 'You Can Compete' was the backbone of Do-It-Best hardware’s How-to-Beat-the-Big-Box kit for their 4100 stores. His latest book, The Retail Doctor’s Guide to Growing Your Business from Wiley & Sons is available in bookstores or online.


Bob is currently working to bring his vast knowledge as a topnotch retail consultant available to all, through his comprehensive online retail sales training course.



Bob was instrumental in bringing Lemonade Day, a national program to Greene County, NY in 2010. The program teaches kids grades 2-9 about entrepreneurism using the age-old lemonade stand as a model for teaching about marketing, pricing, banking, saving and giving back to charity.