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Free Course: Retailing In The Time of Covid-19

What to do now that the coronavirus is upending retail as we have known it?

Based on the questions retailers are asking, Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor has come up with 8 lessons anyone can use to do brick and mortar retail during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Assuming you may either be open (with social distancing) or be closed to browsing but still open, these bite-size lessons will help your marketing to stay in front of your customers, your training for when things get back to normal, and even cleaning an hygiene of associates. Even if you are closed, there is much you can learn.

You can watch them all at once, in the order we've selected, or pick and choose.  This is entirely free and no credit card is required .

The course is delivered by email so make sure to enter a valid email address. Note you can forward to a friend below. 

Over the course of eight brand new lessons you’ll learn:

  • How To Shift Gears To A New Way To Retail
  • The Connection Between Hygiene & Customer Trust
  • How To Build Rapport With Shoppers Even While Apart
  • How To Use Personalization With Social Distancing
  • How To Stay In Front Of Your Customers
  • Quick Tips For How To Use Live Video
  • How To Create Relevant Live Content To Serve, Not Just Sell
  • How To Still Be A Source of Joy For Your Customers

Simply fill out the form with valid email and we'll email you all the details.

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