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Free Retail Sales Training Course: Rebuilding Trust With Customers & Associates

There is a lot of uncertainty around reopening retail, but the fact of the matter is that you have to have a solid plan and you have to have hope.

This free course from Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doctor, aims to help you develop a plan and train your staff how to interact with customers in this new normal -- to care for them rather than wait on them.

These online retail sales training courses include these 8 lessons, based on questions submitted from retailers all over the world:

  • How to See Opportunity in the Chaos
  • How to Reform and Rebuild Your Team
  • Quick Tips for Adapting to Long-Term Changes
  • How to Successfully Manage the Merchandise Conundrum
  • How and Why to Approach Reopening like a New Business
  • How to Welcome Customers to Your New Normal
  • How to Pivot Conversations to Keep Things Positive
  • How and Why to Use Role Play in Sales Training

These courses also include 5 role play exercises to download and use with your staff.

This is entirely free and no credit card is required.

How to get started?

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