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Ted Baker, Best Shopping Experience Around

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This past week I was at the National Retail Federation's Big Show in New York City.  Most of the vendors were showing off the latest technologies couched as how it would present an easier and more personal shopping experience. 

What wasn't there was how to connect with a human being in an authentic and truly personal way. For that, you have to look elsewhere.

After an interview with CNN, I stopped in a Ted Baker store and had a remarkable experience.  Since people are always asking me what great customer service looks like, I not only unpacked the experience for you, but also interviewed two of their employees.

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Ted Baker, Best Shopping Experience Around

And the survey says...

Oracle NetSuite surveyOracle NetSuite + Retail Doctor Survey Reveals Customer Service Disconnect Between Retailers And Shoppers

Oracle NetSuite and I partnered to find out exactly where the disconnect between shoppers and retailers is occurring and how those findings could point the way forward for brick and mortar retailers competing with online.

We engaged Wakefield to survey 1200 consumers and 400 retail executives in the U.S., UK, and Australia. I found the gap between the expectations about what retailers thought they were providing and what consumers were experiencing to be in line with my own shopping.

No retailer wants their customers to be confused or anxious, yet more than half of respondents have felt that way while shopping. Shoppers will only feel confident if they develop an emotional connection to the brand.

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Oracle NetSuite + Retail Doctor Survey Reveals Customer Service Disconnect Between Retailers And Shoppers

Though there may be fewer shoppers coming into your storein January, don't allow yourself the luxury of a bad attitude.

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