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Why Might Your Store Employees Be Ripping You Off Blind?

Good day Colleague,

A friend of mine received a disturbing product recall on his Pacifica van – the ball joint on the front wheel could break with catastrophic results.

He called the dealer that day to make an appointment. The guy couldn’t have been nicer. Yes, it’s serious. Yes, they have the needed parts. Yes, we can get you in Monday.

When my friend arrived at the dealership and told the service clerk what he was there for, the guy replied instantly, “Well, I don’t know why he said that. I don’t think we have the parts.”

After five minutes of back-and-forth accusations and distrust, the guy finally looked in the customer record and had to admit they did indeed have the parts.

My friend will never buy another car from these people.

Another friend of mine shared her story about needing to pick up some cosmetics on her way home. There were four cashiers standing chatting while she stood there waiting to be rung up.

After a minute of listening to their chatter, she asked who could ring her up now. They begrudgingly moved apart; without a word, one slowly walked over to her register and waited silently for my friend to move over to her.

My friend will never go back.

I’m sure you have your own stories of how a store’s employees treated you poorly and you swore never to return to them.

While it's easy to associate ripping you off with employee theft, it’s these unseen consequences of bad behavior that are ripping you off.

To read the full post, which includes what might be happening in your store, click the link below.

Why Might Your Store Employees Be Ripping You Off Blind?

Did you see this window makeover I did in Ireland last year? Here's the before picture:

IMG_6773 (1)

I did a Facebook LIVE video afterwards to show you the changes. You can see it here with good sports Allison and LaDonna:


Screenshot 2019-05-19 14.55.42


SalesRX Spotlight: Rusty and Drew, owners of The Green Monkey in NC

The Green Monkey Drew and RustyThe Green Monkey is half gift shop, half pub, and half local hang-out for Monkeyfans. Yes, that’s 3 halves, but that’s the way they roll.

Their number-one goal is to make shopping a fun, engaging experience for everyone involved, which is why they recently purchased SalesRX!

“We are huge Facebook fans of Bob’s, and we also read his book, which helped us see significant increases in sales and foot traffic. We purchased SalesRX to learn the whole picture about Bob’s procedures, to become better trainers, and to empower our staff to engage with all customers.” – Rusty and Drew

Find out more about them here.

"Should I allow dogs in my store?"

This was a recent Ask Bob 60 sec. video. You can watch my answer (or read it) here.  

"Should we have employee name tags?"
Another video answer you can watch or read my answer here.
employee name tags
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Screenshot 2019-05-19 14.39.43I interviewed Mark Kilens, VP of Content and Community at Drift. Mark talked about his early days working at a college bookstore, how to connect future customers to you in realtime, and how to have more conversations through your website.

Podcast logo 2018You can listen here.

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