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Neiman Marcus Visit Illustrates Why Brick And Mortar Stores Are Losing Money

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I occassionally share stories of various businesses I encounter like Nordstrom, the Four Seasons, Dick's Sporting GoodsWilkes Bashfordthe Ritz-Carlton and now Neiman Marcus because, when you look at growing your own business, you must be able to see, understand and proactively know how you want your customer to feel.

Neiman Marcus is three billion dollars in debt. People are wondering, "How are they going to survive?"

When you're only clerking the merch that someone wants, you're gonna be in trouble.

And that's my point to you in this brand new post. 
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Neiman Marcus Visit Illustrates Why Brick And Mortar Stores Are Losing Money
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How to use storytelling to get more sales
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You can't wing exceptional customer service...

Customers are why a business exists. If your staff doesn't understand where customer service can fail in a brand, they often can't create customer service in their own store that is exceptional.

That's important because customers don't rave about average.

Use today's post as a springboard for your own crew at your store What should have happened at various points in my story? 

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