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Sensory Branding Is The Retail Future: Mastercard Introduces Sonic Identity

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Voice search is expected to be over 1/2 of all search by 2022. 

How does a brand standout when everything is audible? 

That's what Mastercard decided to tackle during the past year and a half. The results were unveiled at Fred Segal's in Hollywood this weekend and you'll begin to hear it during their commercials on the Grammy's tonight. 

As payment options explode for consumers, being top of mind, especially when it comes to voice search will be table stakes.

Adding a sound to make the voice shopper actually pay attention will become important to brand loyalty. While this is a post about sensory marketing, make no mistake, I have words for you and your own marketing as well.

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Sensory Branding Is The Retail Future: Mastercard Introduces Sonic Identity

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