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How To Save A Sale By Dealing With Stump The Chump

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Stump the Chump usually refers to someone in the audience trying to try to trip up a speaker with aggressive and sometimes downright nasty-sounding questions.

While it’s never easy to deal with that as a speaker because the dynamic can quickly turn into kill the leader where you lose the audience completely, I want to share with you two places Stump the Chump can occur in your store.

The first is when a customer comes in armed with data about one specific model. We’re talking appliances, housewares, sports equipment, jewelry and the like.

But the salesperson can also initiate Stump the Chump. We’ve all been in the presence of the know-it-all who has to make sure you know he or she knows more than you.

They may point out features very fast or regale the unwitting shopper with personal stories about how they solved another customer’s problem. The danger again is, shoppers do not want to feel stupid. They want to feel smart.

How do you deal with both types? Check out my brand new post by clicking 
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How To Save A Sale By Dealing With Stump The Chump



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