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The Ten Commandments Of A Successful Retail Store

Good day Colleague,

It’s easy for many retailers to get distracted with all the changes going on in technology, social media, and shopper behavior.

That can lead to going down a rabbit hole trying to do everything instead of the right thing.

The following are to help you focus on what is most important and that is...

To get enough merchandise out of the door at a profit to live the life you want to lead.

Miss these best practice fundamentals and you’re destined to be left in retail hell where constant sales, high employee turnover, and increased competition live.

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The Ten Commandments Of A Successful Retail Store

SalesRX Customer Spotlight: MMM...GLUG...In Newcastle, England

simone ian mmm glugSimone and Ian's mission is to share their love of great-tasting food and drink with their customers while operating their store in a way that enriches the local community and treats the planet with kindness.

They partner with makers, bakers, brewers, growers, and specialist importers who champion the use of real ingredients and have a passion for what they do.

"I came across the Retail Doctor via social media and realized that SalesRX would enable Ian and myself to build our own skills and give us really great tools to train and develop our team. Being a business owner can be really lonely – I am really enjoying SalesRX because it makes me feel like I have a mentor to hold my hand and help me be a better team manager!" -Simonesales-rx-logo
How to Determine Merchandise Stock Rotation?

This was a recent Ask Bob 60 sec. video. Old merchandise stays that way because retailers do not rotate the stock. How to do it? Here's the fix.You can watch it (or read it) here.  

How do you make your website better?
How can you improve your website to deliver more customers? Check out this short post from the Retail Doctor. View it here.
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A popular podcast to checkout...

Podcast 110: Tony Post, Founder & CEO | Listening To Your Customers

Topo_Athletic_Tony_Post_Headshots_compressed_for_web-4 (1)[1]This is one of my most popular interviews with Tony Post, CEO and Founder of Topo Athletic shoes near Boston. He talks about his journey in footwear with Rockport and Vibram and on to his founding his own athletic shoe company as well as how any brand should build customers partnering with brick and mortar stores.

Podcast logo 2018You can listen here.

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