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The Clean Issue                      

Good day Colleague,

My goal this winter was to spend it in sunny southern California. Two things happened which were unexpected: 1) It was the coldest and rainiest winter on record and 2) I traveled more in the past three months (30k!) than any time in my previous 25 years as the Retail Doctor.

When I return to New York and open the house soon, I know I'll enjoy the job of spring cleaning.  Out with the old, in with the new, washing the windows, cleaning up the garden and rearranging things is a great release of positive energy. I won't be going all Marie Kondo about it but I will have a plan.

It's about the release of energy that propels you into the future.

That's probably why I have written so extensively in my blogs and books over the years about cleaning up, throwing out and seeing things from a fresh perspective. 

So this week, I'm sharing a few of my best posts and a new 60 second video answer while I recover from acute bronchitis (30k).

Spring is the one time you can go into micro-detail and clean every guitar, every pint of oil, every sewing machine or whatever you sell. It's the time you can renovate your fitting rooms and clean and wax every fixture to shake off winter's dust and set yourself fresh and clean for the possibilities of spring.

To read the full post click the link below:

How To Spring Clean Your Retail Store With This Checklist

How do I convince my staff it is important to keep the store clean?

This was a recent Ask Bob 60 sec. video. You can watch it (or read it) here.  

Spring clearning
Balancing Retail Inventory: Making Friends With Clearance
Once you get the store clean, what about the old merchandise? Read this classic post here.
Cleaning the store
A new podcast is up...

Episode 209: Joey Pointer, CEO Fleet Feet | Getting Everybody Onboard

Joey Pointer, CEO Fleet FeetI had the chance to interview Joey Pointer, CEO of Fleet Feet who shares an inspiring story what he found one day on a run in the rain and how their technology partner Volumental has given Fleet Feet's 176 stores an unprecedented ability to fit and sell shoes. He also shares what it takes to change the culture of a retailer.

Those who have discovered my podcast have found them to be inspirational and valuable and this one in particular is all of that and more!

Podcast logo 2018You can listen here.

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