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How To Remove Half-Assed Responses To Requests For Customer Service

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In a recent Entrepreneur article, John Eades, CEO of LearnLoft cited a lack of confidence as a reason many Millennials are let go. "Leaders are looking for people with four things," he said, "Confidence, drive, selflessness, and character." Without confidence, the other three characteristics are difficult to develop.”

So how do you build confidence?

You give clear instruction.

You role-play.

You practice.

Most of all, you hold employees accountable for what was taught.

That means paying close attention to a new hire for executing properly. Not nit-picking each and every thing - no one wants that - but letting an employee tell you they’ve handled something without a follow-up question as to how they handled something implies saying you fixed something equals fixing it.

 It doesn’t. It leads to employees saying what they think the shopper wants to hear but leaving the customer hanging.

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How To Remove Half-Assed Responses To Requests For Customer Service

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