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A 5 Point Road Map To Compete With Amazon

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A lot of retailers have loyal customers because they built their brand in their own way and did many things right at the beginning.

But when the inevitable winds of change blow with increased competition like Amazon, the retailer can be rocked to the core…or even collapse like Payless, Charlotte Russe, and others.

As your business matures, you notice holes in your foundation; things you should have had in place from the start to prepare for long-term growth are missing.

Those gaps in your foundation are what makes you vulnerable to online retailers like Amazon.

How you handle those holes tends to separate into two camps…

You either settle for where you are and fall backwards, or you push yourself to keep moving forward even as the path forward looks less and less certain.

Because the shocking truth is: many retailers are bad at being retailers and are their own worst competition. That opens the door to Amazon and the rest to clean their clock...

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A 5 Point Road Map To Compete With Amazon

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