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5 Trends That Are Transforming Retail That Didn’t Exist 25 Years Ago

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I am celebrating 25 years as the Retail Doctor. Before that, I put myself through college working at the Broadway Department Store.

Back then, before someone could use any credit card, we had to look up their account number in little booklets with 3-point type. If the number was listed, we had to call for authorization.

Usually calling wasn’t a big deal, but sometimes the operator would ask, “Do you have the card?” If I said yes, they would tell me to take a pair of scissors and cut it in half, and put the customer on the phone. This was fraud protection in those days.

In those days, you had to actually go to a store to buy products.

In those days, if you wanted to learn about a product, you had to go to a store.

A lot has changed since I became the Retail Doctor in 1994 but retail has survived and grown in its own way since then...

To read the full post, which includes the five trends rocking retail - and many not in a good way- along with three that have returned, click the link below.

5 Trends That Are Transforming Retail That Didn’t Exist 25 Years Ago

Meet Susanne Wolf, Owner of Tops and Bottoms in Prince George, Canada

topsandbottoms1Tops and Bottoms is an intimate apparel business that carries shapewear, sports bras, lingerie, swim wear, and more. Susanne’s goal is to help women look and feel beautiful. The staff at Tops and Bottoms has been training with SalesRX for just over 2 years. They understand that brick and mortar stores have to offer a really special experience to find success, and they have definitely found success!

“You think a greeting is so simple and easy, but it takes time to break bad habits before you can offer people a better experience. I had to fire a few people. I didn’t like it, but Bob helped me through the whole process. We had a goal to make $30,000 more than the previous year. We exceeded that goal by 3x, and I was able to take all my employees to a trade show in Paris. I’m looking forward to expanding my store, hiring two additional employees, and we’re also bringing in several new lines”
– Susanne

Find out more about them here.

10 Retail Selling Tips

This is a perennial favorite of readers. You can read it here.  

selling to customers
"What to do about your vendor selling to consumers directly online?"
Another video answer you can watch or read my answer here.
Retail Podcast 218: Barrie Brown, CEO Sleep Store | Cleanliness Pays Off

barrie-bonnie-brownI interviewed Barrie Brown, CEO Sleep Store about his progress up the ranks to running multiple locations and eventually landing in his own single store selling luxury mattresses from $5,000 to $100,000 in Silicon Valley.

Podcast logo 2018You can listen here.

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