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Good day Colleague,

Taking a cue from my popular Facebook LIVE videos, I am creating a new page of answers on for 500 of the most common questions retailers and small business owners ask me.

We're going live today with about 20 and here are three videos with transcripts I thought might be relevant:

What does good customer service look like?

How does a salesperson convince a customer to buy now and hand over the money?

How much dollar value should an employee add to my shop?

 The goal is to be a reference when you have single questions and are looking for quick answers.

Be forewarned, if you haven't seen me live before, I'm not going to necessarily tell you what you want to hear, but tell you what you need to hear.

Let me know what you think in comments or social shares. (We're working on the share buttons today.)

Here’s My Bold Vision Of How I Would Fix J.C. Penney

I’ve been quoted a lot regarding J.C. Penney, beginning with Ron Johnson’s botched makeover filled with hubris a few years ago to their recent struggles to avoid bankruptcy.

Without a clear vision driving their strategy, the retailer is bound to die of a thousand cuts. But a bold vision can rally shoppers, associates, and investors.

Click here to read the full post.

How To Get Your Training To Stick
Most of what people call training is really just exposure. Nothing changes because the teacher hasn't made these critical points.  Click here to watch.
Screenshot 2019-02-17 11.58.06
A new podcast is up...

Podcast Episode 204 Matt Rhodus, Director NetSuite | What Are You Arming The Associate With?

Matt RhodusI had the chance to interview  Matt Rhodus, Director & Industry Principal at NetSuite about the new survey we conducted and the trends in retail pointing the way forward for retail in 2019.

Podcast logo 2018
Matt was in one of the pilot stores for when the Geek Squad when it first came out. "I've been in retail since the first job I've ever had. And after that I was in college getting a degree in business management and also Computer Information Systems and decided that technology was the field that I wanted to go into and parlayed that into going to work as a consultant for a software company that was doing some work for Best Buy.

You can listen here.



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