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How Well Do You Know Your Customer?

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Becky Tyre of Retail Details told me one of her pet peeves is walking into a gift store and asking the owner who their customer is, only to have the owner say everyone. “No, it isn’t,” she will tell them.

She knows the moment she walks in.

When an owner said their target was Millennial moms she replied, “There’s not one thing in here my Millennial daughter would buy for herself, much less I would give her as a gift.”

I thought about that conversation because I just completed a business makeover of Eklund's, an agricultural equipment dealer in rural, upstate New York.

While I’ll have a full post on some of the details and strategies later, what I can tell you is Billy Eklund is one business owner who really knows his customer.

And I could tell that from the moment I walked in.

He was seeing less of the commercial customers who had been his bread and butter and more of a weekend or vacation-home customer who loves to play farmer but who doesn’t want to walk down a hill to look at over 100 tractors.

One who didn’t grow up using one of these machines.

And a customer who frequently was skewing female...

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How Well Do You Know Your Customers?

How do you keep your present customers coming back?

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IMG_2117I had the chance to interview Jonathan Treiber, CEO and Co-Founder, RevTrax at Shoptalk. Jonathan talks about how his company gets bodies into stores to make purchases and how he learned about branding as a teenager.

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