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At Eklund’s, a Story of Astonishing Retail Transformation

Good day Colleague,

I'm excited to share the following story with you about a six month business makeover.  If you like those HGTV stories of before and after you're already hooked.

And if you’re thinking right now what does this have to do with me, let me tell you why it is totally about you.

You probably think of me as the retail selling guru, so trust me when I say that your retail store is an integral part of your selling process.

While this story is not about your store, the steps I give you and the reveal at the end should convince you to look at the environment your shoppers enter with your own analytical eye.

Now on to the story...

"Have you ever done a makeover for a business like this before?” my client asked.

“No,” I answered, “but I am product agnostic – it shouldn’t matter,” I said before seeing the store.

Then I saw the store…

To read the full post, which includes a three minute compilation of the before, during the process, and the after reveal, click the link below

At Eklund’s, a Business Makeover Story of Astonishing Retail Transformation

SalesRX Customer Spotlight: Karyn & Buddy Mitchell Of Simply Floors in Colorado

karynandbuddymitchell.simplyfloorsWe are a family owned and operated retail store. We started our business in our home with a single shop-at-home vehicle. We now have 12 employees, 4 shop-at-home vans and a showroom. We believe in education sales and providing the best possible customer experience to make buying floors "simple and stress-free."

We also have a blog that is an education destination that answers questions about flooring, countertops, paint, and also serves as a place for design inspiration and sharing ideas.

"I heard Bob speak and saw the value-add the program   SalesRX would bring to our team. We have seen more effective communication with customers, better customer experience, higher close rates, and happier customers." - Karynsales-rx-logo
"What is the best strategy to teach my sales team how to up-sell?"

This was a recent Ask Bob 60 sec. video. You can watch my answer (or read it) here.  

How to add-on
"Why should I hold my employees accountable?"
If you're not going to hold your employees accountable then it's pretty much the Wild West when customers walk in. Somebody's given a deal and someone's treated like crap and somebody's going the extra mile - but you don't even know because... Watch or read my answer here.
holding accountable
A new podcast to checkout...

Podcast 213: Tammi Ketterman, Ketterman's Jewelers | Customer Triggers Spark Sales

TammiDanI interviewed Tammi Ketterman from Ketterman's Jewelers in Leesburg, Virginia. Tammi talked about the importance of sense triggers, events that produce sales, and customer loyalty which, in her case includes 326 rum cakes.

Podcast logo 2018If you have a gift store, care about building customer loyalty, or hold events, then  you should hear this episode!

You can listen here.

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Bob Phibbs
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