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Battling Disruption In Retail Begins With Operational Excellence

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A lot of money is chasing the term of disruption in retail.

From innovative AI chatbots to new payment solutions, everyone is hoping to disrupt – or more accurately steal – market share from established companies the way Uber disrupted taxis.

Yet the more profound disruption in most businesses are the everyday kind.

The kind of disturbances that interrupt your ability to provide customer service, to build a relationship with that customer, and have them wanting to return.

It can show up in the way your existing technologies handicap you, in the training you give your employees, and all the way to the standard you hold everyone accountable to in your organization.

It’s easy to have a customer gush about a great experience they had in a store once.

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

But in order to succeed, you need to be able to...

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Battling Disruption In Retail Begins With Operational Excellence

SalesRX Customer Spotlight: Meet Eliza, Owner Of Go Kigali Boutique In Kigali, Rwanda

Eliza Richman Go KigaliEliza sources contemporary made in Africa products from more than 50 business across East Africa. Located in a 5-star hotel, her shop was named as the best place to shop in Kigali by the New York Times. They had a pop up store in New York City in the West Village last Christmas and they're planning another pop up and online store launch this summer.

"I read Bob's book before opening my store and knew SalesRX  would be exactly what I needed to turn my sales staff into confident, charismatic, helpful selling machines." -Elizasales-rx-logo
How do you handle competitors coming into your store to steal pictures of your inventory?

This was a recent Ask Bob 60 sec. video. How do you handle competition that just opened two blocks down who comes into our store and steals our vendor labels, takes pictures of our inventory and displays them and orders the same stuff for their store and they're undercutting our prices? You can watch it (or read it) here.  

How to deal with a shopper who says, “I have to think it over?"
When you run into that, it often was the employee. Check out why and how to fix in this short post. View it here.
iStock-475413521.-I have to think about it#14jpg
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Podcast 214: Chris Bossola, CEO Need Supply | The New Luxury Millennial Customer

ChrisB-headshotjpgI interviewed interviewed Chris Bossola while attending ShopTalk19. Chris talked about the new Millennial luxury customer he serves, their buying habit and starting up a new retail business.

Podcast logo 2018You can listen here.

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