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Are You Ready To Commit To Growing Your Business?

Good day Jim, 

This pandemic has condensed the process of innovation and change for retailers of all sizes. You have to adapt or die, not over the next five years, but right now.

You’re having to make fast decisions in an incredibly stressful situation and try things you’ve never tried before. And there’s little certainty of when this pandemic will end. It can be overwhelming.

Yet the holidays are coming and unless you understand your own commitment to succeeding, you'll probably fall short of your goals.

Why is that? 

Only when you go deeper in understanding your why, will you be committed to your outcome.

This past week I held a workshop for several hundred retailers that explained that in detail with actionable steps you can take. You can re-watch it by clicking here and then entering your email address.

I showed you how simple it can be to commit to making a change, build your brand, and have success that will last as the economy recovers.

I designed an offer to help you get there FAST, with every resource you need at Washington Retail Association to make this REAL. I just made this quick overview at 4pm for you to watch below.

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If you've been toying with the idea of starting SalesRX, my online learning program that teaches your crew to go beyond being friendly but selling your merchandise, now is the time to act.

This Friday I'm taking a group of 25 retailers who signup for SalesRX under my wing with a level of service and accountability to make sure you succeed. Over the course of five weeks we'll have weekly 20 minute meetings with additional training and answers to your questions with me.

Could you do better with me as you personal guide? Absolutely.

This normally is a $1000 add-on but I am including at no charge. While you can buy SalesRX any time, this is the first time I’ve added on the bonus of weekly workshops and extra personalized attention to make sure you have the support you need in these crazy times. I've been through several recessions, success leaves clues.

With fewer shoppers being able to be in your store during the holidays, you'll have to get more out of every one.

So, here’s what I'm offering for those ready to change and create an exceptional customer experience:
- Sign up before Thursday for $1 to reserve your spot in my exclusive group of 25 people who I will personally coach through weekly workshops
- The start of your subscription to SalesRX training will begin on September 3rd. On that day, you will be charged the usual set-up fee of $195 plus the first-month subscription fee of $195 for up to 5 users (Total: $390). You can add more users at additional cost to your subscription later when it is time to get your whole crew training. The first part of the program is about training you and any other managers.
- The next day, Friday, September 4th, we will have our first live workshop on how to successfully get started with the program.

But maybe you think you don't need it...

Right now, you might be saying you can rally the troops and get them to sell more to increase your sales. You might watch some of my videos on YouTube.

But the thing is, it isn’t you who needs to know it, it is your crew. I can teach each one of your employees how to engage a stranger, discover the shopper, and make the sale through a systematic process that brings the best of them out, not tries to make them sales-y or phony.

I’ve made the cake; you can buy the recipe.

You can get started with the $1 pre-registration today that says, “I’m committed to increasing my sales.”

Don't you want to get off the fence and change? Of course you do. Join me today. 

You can register here for $1

Retail Sales Associate Training: 11 Ways To Get Better At Selling

iStock-1152345979-selling in store

#1 is to greet - especially with a mask - with what Tyra Banks called a "smize." As one of the top fashion models, she knew she had to greet the camera with a genuine-looking smile. What it takes is to flex the muscles on either side of the mouth so they turn up. Some refer to this as Duchenne smiling. 

You can greet a customer with a smile with or without a mask and the key is for your eyes to show true enjoyment to a stranger.  That welcoming smile helps customers drop their wall of self-defense and be open to what you are saying in your greeting. 

Read the full post here

And one more thought Jim...

Lord & Taylor recently announced they were liquidating all of their stores. At one time they were the top of their game. But somewhere along the way, they lost their focus on the customer.

It's easy to do as tasks begin to outweigh interactions and managers are told to do more with less.

This week I made a commitment to you to add more value to our relationship so you too can keep your focus on the customer and build sales.

I hope you'll sign up as one of the 25, we are almost soldout as it is.

And if you'd like to know more about SalesRX, I just made this short video can you watch here

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September's almost here. You don't have the luxury of a negative thought.


Bob Phibbs, CSP
The Retail Doctor

PS - Don't forget to join me on Facebook. I ask for your questions Saturdays and answer them live Sunday mornings at 9am EST.

PPS - And if you'd like me to virtually train your crew over Zoom or go deep with my entire program, you can reach me by simply replying to this email. 

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