Must-Reads For Brick And Mortar Retailers:  How To Compete With Amazon


iStock-471356483-top10Here are the 10 must-read blog posts for reliable, retail-focused information on everything from staffing issues to marketing to design and training.

In the past couple of years, my blog was named as the Best on the Planet for two years running by Feedspot and the blog made several other top lists. I received recognition on over 15 lists including Best Retail Influencer and Best Podcast lists (you can find links to them below). In addition, I was listed as one of the Top Voices for Retail on LinkedIn.

This recognition only comes as a result from people like you who care enough to read and listen and like enough to then share my thoughts with your social networks.

Since many people cannot read every post I write each week, I collate my results at the end of each year. Now that the hectic holidays are over, you can catch up on some of my best content so your brick and mortar stores can compete with Amazon.

Here are some of my Top Retail Posts:

1. 10 Ways To Sell More and Increase Sales in Retail. On my weekly Facebook LIVE video sessions, I was asked more and more questions about how to sell more in store. This post includes 10 tips for managers and salespeople and both retail sales training and management.

2. 7 Things Every Retailer Should Take Away From The Toys R Us Demise And Lowes Conversion Rate Problem. The Toys R Us bankruptcy was a textbook example of how to doom your retail business. At the same time, it was noted that Lowe's had a conversion-rate problem. Both brands boasted aisle after aisle of merchandise, but you have to convert shoppers into buyers or what’s the point? That’s why I wrote these 7 tips you must understand to convert more shoppers into customers.

3. How To Improve An Underperforming Retail Sales Team. While my last book, The Retail Doctor’s Guide to Growing Your Business (Wiley) covered much about managing a sales team, last spring I received an unusually large amount of questions regarding how to fix employee behaviors. If your retail sales team is underperforming, it's often because they haven't received retail sales training, or they have and it wasn’t taught until they mastered it, or they don't understand customers. Here are three tips to help you.

4. What Top Brick and Mortar Retailers Are Doing To Combat Amazon. It’s always good to look at what larger retailers are doing to innovate the shopping experience. I outlined the retail sales strategies Nordstrom, Macys, Walmart, Kohl's, and DSW were doing to combat Amazon. I listed many of the retail innovations they came up with to lift their retail sales as waymarks for you.

5. Retail Brands Are In Trouble. Is Yours Next? This post was initiated by the news that venerable shoe brand Nine West had declared bankruptcy. The story pointed to a larger problem, that retail brands are in trouble both as products and as brick and mortar stores. I identified some of the retail trends and changes minimizing brands and told you how to deal with them and still grow retail sales.

6. How To Close A Sale In 2018? Address Shoppers Five Roadblocks. So many retailers drill closing-a-sale techniques - particularly jewelers - but before you get to the close of a retail sale, you must address five roadblocks without resorting to hackneyed closing techniques.

7. 5 Retail Management Practices That Can Bring A Customer First Focus To Your Store. I shared a story about when I met Kris Kristopherson…and failed him because I was so sure of myself. In 2019, the retail brand that puts customers first, whose sole purpose is to serve them, will survive the weeding out of the brands who are failing their customers. It's one thing to know you are failing, but another to put a plan in action to win them back. I finished the post with five retail management best practices to improve your customer experience and grow sales in your store.

8. How Employees Selling With Their Own Wallets Are Killing Your Retail Sales. Selling is nothing more than a transference of feeling; because I like something, I can easily share that feeling with you and if I’m good, you’ll consider buying it from me. But on the dark side, if I feel an item is too high-priced, I could easily share that feeling with you too and get you to settle for a lower-priced alternative. That is happening more and more from your own employees who are selling with the limitations of their own wallets. Here’s how to combat this growing, widespread problem.

9. How To Stop Rotten Customer Service Experiences In Your Retail Store. No one should ever leave your store with pent-up rage from the experience. For that matter, they shouldn’t leave with anything but a positive impression. But how to do that? The answer is in the details of your operation. This blog covers what to do if you want to change your shoppers' experience.

10. The Ritz-Carlton Review: My Personal Customer Service Horror Story. It all started innocently enough with my plans for an excellent massage at the Ritz-Carlton New Orleans after two days of speaking yet there I was, standing naked, covered only in a towel and yelling down from the second floor, “Is anyone there? Get me out of here!” And it only got worse from there. While the Ritz-Carlton at Dove Mountain Spa in Tucson recently restored my faith in the brand, let this initial story illustrate to you how one bad experience doesn’t just stay with the person it happens to; it travels.

See also, 10 Retail Selling Tips

In Sum

While there are plenty of people who have an opinion about retail, most have either never worked on the salesfloor of a retail establishment or do not have weekly interfaces with retailers like I do who are regularly facing the tough decisions to get shoppers to buy from them - today - in their brick and mortar stores.

I thank you for reading my thoughts, and if you would like to spread my message of take no prisoners to beat online retail, I’d appreciate you sharing this post with your social network. 

Remember, we can change the world if we treat others better than we treat our own selves.

Oh, and here are the lists Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doctor has been named to for 2018: 

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