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Top 10 Best Retail Blog Posts of 2011. Did you read them all?

By Bob Phibbs

I began last year determined to increase all five main vehicles for communicating with my network: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, my email newsletter list as well as this blog. I'm thrilled to let you know they've doubled so thank you readers for sharing my views on some of the biggest trends in retail sales training, marketing, luxury products and much more.

These tips run the gamut of retail including customer service, employee training, retail sales training, marketing, discounting and more.

Now without much fanfare the top 10 blog posts of 2011:

#10 - Retail Sales Tip: How to Add-On to Any Sale You have to paint a picture of what the additional item will do for the customer, the benefit they will derive or pain they will avoid. This post tells you how to do it.


#9 - Merchandising: How to Attract Retail Customers Without Discounting Good displays that feature a range of prices help shoppers get what they want, not necessarily the price they say they can afford. That's because customers don't really know how much what they want will cost, just what the "deal" that has been advertised.


#8 - Retail Customer Service: Silence is Deadly Good customer service is acknowledging there is a person in front of you, who drove or walked past a lot of other businesses to give you the opportunity to get some of their disposable income. If you don’t treat it and them with basic respect of talking to them, they’ll continue to look around. And leave. This blog had a card you can download as well.

#7 - Retail Holiday Store Windows: A Case of Giving Back [Case Study.] Retailers can give back with their creativity, love of their town and desire to see the faces of shoppers delighted and surprised.

#6 - Employee Interviewing: Sell Me This Pen Many people still use this as "the" determining question. I don't think it is a litmus test of someone’s ability on your floor, so don’t cut them off if they can’t manufacture some closing technique on you. Use these tips instead.


#5 - Manifesto: Bricks and Mortar Retailing at Risk in the Digital Age You are bound to hear that retail has “fundamentally changed” since the recession. It has but not how you may think.That’s why I researched and created this manifesto detailing the great dangers that exist for retail along with how to fix them. This is the intro to the white paper.

#4- 50 Things Retail Employees Should Never Do During the Holidays While I wrote these with an eye for holiday sales, these tips are evergreen. They make the difference between hearing, “I’ll take it,” and “I’m outta here.”


#3 - 10 Retail Selling Tips Everyone sells whether they call it that or not. There’s not a thread of clothing you are wearing, a drop of coffee you are drinking or a piece of furniture you are sitting on that wasn’t sold to someone. Use these ten tips to make sure you get the most from yourself and your crew.



#2 - Main Street Needs American Express Small Business Saturday I hardly thought this was controversial - until a couple of my Facebook Fans quit the day I wrote this in response to several merchants being quoted they wouldn't participate and the WSJ story the day before featuring the split between AMEX and the 3/50 project.



#1 - Groupon Review: Worst Marketing for Your Local Business - Case Study
The granddaddy of all my blog posts with 264 comments, this was the start of a 12-part series. At a time when just about everyone said it was "smart marketing" I was the lone wolf saying, "Just say no." It morphed into the ebook with possibly the longest title ever, Groupon: You Can't Afford It, Why Deep Discounts are Bad for Business and What To Do Instead

Did you have a favorite post of mine? I'd appreciate it if you enter which and why in the comments below.

Again my thanks for reading and best wishes for a profitable New Year!



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