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Ten Best Retail Sales Blog Posts of 2012

By Bob Phibbs

As regular readers of this retail blog know, I write a lot about how to improve retail from management, to marketing, from managing cash flow to customer service. And of course, the one major brands come to me for the most: retail sales training.

Here are some of the most popular retail sales blogs on my site for 2012. See how many you haven't read yet and share with your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn friends:

#10 - The Message of Sheep and Goats. You have to teach retail salespeople how to not polarize your customers, associates and each other into the sheep and the goats.

#9 -Why and How To Do A Physical Inventory On A Shoestring Budget. Without scanners or the budget for hiring outside help, physical inventories can seem daunting so many ignore doing one. You can do a physical inventory on a shoestring budget and here's how.

#8 - What Every Retailer Needs To Know About The Millennial Generation. Discover how they are different from and like Baby Boomers; as both customers and employees.

#7 - Retail Sales Tip: How to Add-On to Any Sale "Upselling" as it is commonly referred to must tell your customer what the additional item will do for the customer, the benefit they will derive or pain they will avoid.

#6 - How to Attract Customers and Increase Foot Traffic To Your Store. Learn ten tips any retailer can use to market themselves via their store's external appearance.

#5 -Luxury Retail Sales Tip: Selling Premium Products Without A Discount. The luxury market is booming for premium and exclusive brands. If you have weak salespeople they'll sell with a calculator. Here's what to do instead.

#4 - Create A Commission Plan For Better Retail Sales Motivation. Creating commissions to reward retail salespeople who go "above and beyond" is easy using these eight steps.

#3 - 5 Retail Sales Training Tips From Selling Shoes. People love to scoff at shoe salespeople. It was how I got my start on understanding how to sell in the transaction-based business of retailing. Discover my five factors that made my early retail sales training effective.

#2 - 12 Trends Impacting Brick and Mortar Retailers. These ranged from retail vacancies to how sales reps would be acting. While those trends are still very much alive, I'll have a new set next week. Until then, see how many you recognize.

#1 - 10 Retail Selling Tips Everyone sells whether they call it that or not. There’s not a thread of clothing you are wearing, a drop of coffee you are drinking or a piece of furniture you are sitting on that wasn’t sold to someone. Use these ten tips to make sure you get the most from yourself and your crew.

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Again my thanks for reading and best wishes for a profitable New Year!

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