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Lousy Customer Service - It's Our Own Fault

08 | 25 | 11

We've settled for too long in this country.

Settled as customers to accept inferior customer service.

Settled for employees who couldn't give a damn about our business.

Settled for products that are just rehashes of other products - made on the cheap for a price point.

We kid ourselves into making an excuse, "You can't find a good (name of widget) anymore when we chose one for $20 and avoided the one for forty. We make the excuse, "Good help is so hard to find and she's the only one who I could get." And the worst, we accept poor service as the norm and make the excuse to ourselves, "It doesn't matter."

We've got to stop settling because it breeds more of the same!

All this settling has allowed us the luxury to settle for despair. I mean, here we are in the 21st century being told that the worst is still ahead for kids, states, pensioners, unions, taxpayers, governments, stocks, neighborhoods, you name. Almost as if to make us lose hope. And many have.

But if you are in business, you don't have the luxury of a disparaging thought.

Why are we settling?

Because we've forgotten what got us here. Innovation, hard work, drive.

The cause of lousy customer service starts well before we meet the bored employee.

Why are employees bored and allowed to still work? Because we as leaders aren't excited enough to lead. We've settled into routine and settled for third or fourth best when the best is out there.

Why are so many customers and employees' lives boring? Because we love to whine and feel bad?

No, I think human beings are innately drawn to the positive. But when they are surrounded by hopelessness they begin to think that hopelessness, fear and being anxious are the norm. They settle.

It's like Superman believing he's Clark Kent, Spiderman believing he's Peter Parker, or Susan Boyle believing she could never sing.

It's up to you readers to demand more. Of the stores we shop in. Of the employees we hire. Of the products we purchase.

But that all starts with demanding more of ourselves. Your employees are desperately hoping someone will lead them to a better way. If you are challenged how to do that, bring me in and let's get going. Life is too short to settle.

Please comment below how you've settled or how you aren't going to anymore.

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