Luxury Retail Sales Training: Can't Close The Big Sales Because You Feel Like A Fraud?

retail salespeople feel like fraudAre you looking to increase your luxury retail sales?  While retail sales training can help, do you feel like a fraud when you are selling the premium merchandise?

For example...

Are you a window coverings store only able to sell the honeycomb shade because that's all you've put in your own house - at manufacturers cost.

Do you sell Cadillacs and drive a Ford?

Do you silently believe your own luxury product is too much? 

Are you asking customers to purchase something you yourself wouldn't buy because it is too expensive?

I was.

While I was finishing college, I applied for a job at a western wear store. Cowboy clothes were a growing trend back when Dallas and Dynasty were big hits on TV.

I aced the job interview but when they asked if I wore western wear I confided I never had. 

They had a program where employees could buy a pair of defective boots for minimal cost.

It was seen as a good way to get employees into wearing the better merchandise the store sold without breaking the bank. I got a pair of plain brown Justins for about $50.

They felt good but something was off in the heel so after awhile, my feet hurt; working my 12 hour days were murder.

I'd do my best to tell people all the features and benefits of Justin, how they were a hand-pegged 3/4 welt which meant it was stitched 3/4 around but 1/4 had an extra amount of leather removed under the arch, around the shank of the boot with lemon-wood pegs to hold the boot together. Those pegs allowed a better fit and lemon wood swelled and shrank with the moisture in the leather soles so they didn't fall out. 

I tried my best to get people to buy them for $189 but inside I knew I hadn't believed in them enough to buy a good pair myself.

This led to me not pushing through my own reasons for not buying the full-priced product and justifying the cost of the product .

I frequently folded my tent and suggested something cheaper or for them to wait until they went on sale.

Could that be you?

One day a sales training mentor told me the market for exotic boots was hot and that the more I sold, the quicker I'd make my store sales goal.

That week I purchased a pair of Tony Lama boots.

My personal sales went up, so I purchased a pair of custom Tony Lama full quill ostrich the following month. When a customer said they "couldn't afford it," I could easily sell how much enjoyment I got out of paying more and getting more.

The point for you

When a customer can't decide on whether to take their big old pile of cash in the bank or access the credit on their card and make the premium or luxury choice, you need to know what it would take for them to purchase.

That often comes from owning the product yourself.

Then you can honestly empathize with your customers that it seemed like a lot of money to pay but you found x, y, and z once you owned it.

Without that first-hand experience, you're like a priest telling a newlywed couple what the wedding night would be like.

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How to increase your luxury retail sales

Buy one of your luxury products this week, experience the reservations that a customer would, know the joy of breaking through those reservations and enjoying the product.

Once you do that, you'll find you'll be able to speak from the truth.

If what you sell is cost prohibitive, start smaller and purchase the deluxe hotel room, book business class airfare or go to a 4-star dinner. 

And if you are looking for how to do better with your own luxury retail sales training, click the button below to see how I can help you.

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