Retailers: Don’t Treat Customers As Aliens In Your World

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I've given speeches to some amazing retailers and brands in the past few weeks about customer service and selling.

Oftentimes, audience members ask if I've owned a retail shop similar to theirs.

I haven't.

I'm not from their world.

I haven't worked every day in their retail environment.

I haven't seen it all.

In fact, I've seen very little.

So why do I get them and their customers? And why do I get you and your customers?

Because I've done my homework.

Because I acknowledge I'm from another world.

Because I'm from your customers' world.

A world of my own concerns. A world with lots of demands and little time. A world that's all about me.

Like your customers, I go from my safe planet (all about me) to visit your planet that's all about you - your computers, your cameras, or your cookware.

Those can be scary planets.

I don't know if I'll be welcomed or given the boot.

But each time I explore outward, I expect to have a good experience.

That's until I open your doors and find Bitter Betty.

Or I'm ignored.

Or talked down to.

Yet, you need me and my wallet to save your planet.

All you have to do is welcome my exploration to your retail store, show me around, engage me and I'll share with you my dilithium crystals (cash) you so desperately need.

But I'm unsure, when I come to your world, what I will find.

And these days, it might just be easier to explore online and not have to worry about my welcome.

How do you stop me from exploring the cloud instead of your brick and mortar retail store?

You welcome me as a friend.

You show me your customs.

You teach me your language.

You start the conversation.

You realize I’m your future, here to save you, if only you'll welcome me with open arms.

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