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Retail Training Giveaway For Small Business Owners

By Bob Phibbs
Note: This giveaway has closed and not accepting any nominations.

I've been studying how to reward small business owners and retailers who follow me on Facebook, Twitter or my blog feeds.

Your feedback picked the retail sales training prize, a copy of my Sales RX: The Five Parts to a Successful Sale which I sell day in and day out for $297.

Sales RX: The Five Parts to a Successful Sale includes two DVDs, one of me actually training a crew and the other explaining why this retail sales training works along with a 22-page workbook to show you how to build trust and sell more merchandise in your retail store.

It's the product thousands have used to boost their retail sales.

The challenge was how to make this giveaway meaningful since so many retailers are struggling in light of showrooming, a hiccuping economy and everyone obsessed with "the deal."

And I had to make it simple...

So here's all you have to do for you to be eligible:

In the comments section of this blog post, submit the first name of a small business or retailer in your town, the town -but not the state, along with a couple sentences why they should be gifted a copy of Sales RX: The Five Parts to a Successful Sale.

Example, "Shelly in Great Neck has great products but doesn't seem to be able to sell as much as I think she should. I know she would get a lot out of it as she is open to doing better with her business. So would I. Bob Phibbs"

That's it really.

Then what?

On Thursday, September 6, 2012 at 6pm EST I closed all entries. I'm asking for comments from my Facebook fans on those submitted. Based on their comments and your entry, I'll make a decision 24 hrs later on Friday September 6, 2012 at 6pm EST and contact the winning submitter for their physical address.

Fine print: Due to shipping costs, only open to residents of Canada and the USA and my decision is final.

If you just want to order a copy yourself, you can here.

Businesses run contests, giveaways, and sweepstakes for a variety of reasons. I'm choosing to give away two copies of Sales RX: The Five Parts to a Successful Sale simply as a reward to loyal readers. But many Facebook business pages offer prizes for "likes." Be careful with that unless you use an outside application like Wildfire.

Contests on Facebook have special rules -especially what you cannot do including:

  • Putting a post on your wall that says “everyone who responds to this post is entered to win (name of prize).”
  • Having fans upload a photo to your wall to be entered in a contest.
  • Annoucing the winner of your contest with a post on your wall.
  • Having anyone who ‘Likes’ your page be automatically entered in a drawing (It can have this as a condition of entry, but it can't be the only way that someone enters your contest).

That's why this giveaway is being hosted on my blog. My prize isn't for everyone so I shouldn't get a bunch of entries from people just looking for free stuff but should be from people who already want to do better at their own business.

Good luck and remember you both win!

And yes, all commentors emails will be automatically added to my database and receive my monthly newsletters (if you don't already.) You can opt-out or unsubscribe at any time.

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