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Retail Marketing: Use This 1 Tip To Leverage Back To School Time


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Back-to-school time is here.

If you're like most retailers, you might think it is time to market 25¢ pencil sets and $1.00 book covers.

But if you don't sell back-to-school products, you probably think back-to-school marketing is meaningless for you.

But you are wrong and here's why...

Back-to-school(BTS) is as much a mindset as an actual event.

BTS is a transition time that brings a harbinger of change. It's a time of new beginnings, changes in the weather and changes in the way we see ourselves.

Smart retailers tie-into those feelings of new beginnings by piggybacking on the enormous advertising push in the media from August until September.

You have to find a way to use this BTS retail marketing time to advertise creatively.

Are you are missing a whole segment of your customer base?

What about the people who have no connection to kids or colleges? You can still get in front of them in a compelling way.

Here's how to do it...

Ask yourself what this back-to-school time means in terms of your business using descriptive text and use it in your retail marketing as a headline.

For example...

Back-to-school time for a music store means ...time for anyone to learn a new instrument.

Back-to-school time for a home improvement center means...time to fix up that forgotten spare room..

Back-to-school time for a garden center means ...time to replace the fading garden blooms with fall color.

Back-to-school time for an apparel store means...time to get a new dress-to-impress outfit for work.

Back-to-school time for a window covering store means... time to replace those shoddy drapes or change out that ugly wallpaper.

When you draw the attention your customers to their garden, that room, or those drapes, then they will see themselves replacing, learning, or fixing-up, and then they will come into your store to get whatever new things they need.

Try it and see if you don't get an A from your customers!

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