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Retail Businesses To Indiana: You Can’t Discriminate

retail indiana law discriminationAlabama has run from a divisive law after Wal-Mart stepped into the conversation by saying the law, "threatens to undermine the spirit of inclusion present throughout the state of Arkansas and does not reflect the values we proudly uphold.”

That came prior to the Indiana legislatures’ 180 that they would change a divisive measure billed as a religious freedom law, to make clear that it does not permit discrimination against gay men and lesbians.

That was after a number of big businesses called out the law as discriminatory.

I find great hope in the events of the past week.

Business has been the catalyst for calling out discrimination.

It wasn’t always that way.

I grew up in the sixties when lunch counters at Woolworths were segregated.

Where the cops enforced discrimination in businesses with dogs, fire hoses and billyclubs.

It was up to the government with the Civil Rights Act to legislate against discrimination so business couldn’t do it anymore.

Now for the first time, business is saying government can’t discriminate.

It used to be, discrimination could work in isolation because they were isolated cases.

Customers were powerless.

Ordered a cake for your special day and refused? Oh well.

When you open a business in America – regardless of your “deeply held religious beliefs” – your personal beliefs are checked at the register.

That’s because every customer needs to be treated equally.

Furthermore, when everyone has a smartphone, they will film whatever you feel like saying…

Unless you crave saying how you will discriminate against gays wanting pizzas for their wedding to local news stations like this pizza shop. (Which seems especially redundant as frankly, how many weddings have you ever been to, straight or gay that served pizza?)

With review sites like Yelp, people will downgrade your rating with swift fury.

And with Twitter and now Periscope, you’ll have people on your door demanding an apology. 

One Twitter user said,  “A gay customer can find another baker.”

That’s the point; no customer in a store should have to find another anything because someone judged their money as unacceptable. In America, there should be no such thing as a Christian business or Muslim business or Jewish business.

It's just business.

See also my post about being a preacher's kid, Retail Sales Tip: The Message of Sheep and Goats 

In Sum

The real news today is big businesses came out of the closet and moved to make it clear that discrimination was not going to be allowed to impact their operations.

I've said it before, if you don't like people or a certain type of person, retail isn't for you.

Otherwise, just open a shop in your place of worship and call it a day.

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