Retail Sales Training: Employee Assumptions Kill Sales

retail sales training assumptionsI was lying in a bright yellow inner tube floating in the “La-Z-River” at the JW Marriott resort Tuesday afternoon after my speaking event.

While looking up at the clear blue sky I heard a young woman behind me,“Yeah, I don’t know why we can’t just be spontaneous.”

I turned around to find a very attractive, blond woman in her late teens.

She continued, “But we have to ask, ‘Is your chicken pesto OK?’ or ‘How’s that maple walnut cookie?’ or ‘Want some dessert?’”

Her companion, a young man swam past me telling her, “Yeah, I mean, if customers wanted it they’d ask.”

The young woman added “Yeah, they just don’t get it, no one wants to hear, “Do you want some muffins to go?’ They just want to pay and leave.”

Could this have been your employee, the one you thought was great?

Her sticking points seemed to be her assumptions that no customer would possibly appreciate a server checking in to make sure the food was good, could possibly want something else and how the scripts her trainer provided could possibly help her.

After finishing up at the pool, I changed and went to the restaurant - which was dead. I pulled up at the bar and a young man introduced himself, got me a menu and chatted with me before suggesting “his favorite” item.

After learning I was a Yankees fan, he changed the channel to the Yankees game. He put the order in and after delivering it, asked how I liked it. After I finished, he asked if I saved room for their famous banana cream pie.

It was a great experience – that’s why he got a 25% tip.

He got it.

if you are in retail, food service or hospitality it’s about serving others and engaging them.

That is what separates those who genuinely want to help, from those who just want a job.

Find out more about bad employees by reading Getting Rid of Bad Employees

In Sum

Without mentors to help teach the concept of serving others and mirroring it, you end up with employees like my swimming buddies questioning why they have to do something and justifying their opinions.

The assumptions they make about your customers translate into thinking the minimum is what customers want.

It isn’t.

Those kind of employees can kill a business.

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