I Said, Some People Are Born Gay, Lost A Reader and I'm Fine With It

By Bob Phibbs
retail blog gayI lost a reader today because I included the following sentence…

…”It implies being a good salesperson is something you are born with, like being left-handed, or double-jointed or being gay.”

How do I know I lost them?

Their comment on this post, “You have committed a cardinal sin and mixed your personal politics with what would have been a good article I'm sure. I only got to the part about being born gay and immediately was turned off. For someone who I enjoy reading every time I get your email and I believe is very sharp on retail, I am disappointed that you couldn't keep your own advice within your articles. In any business when dealing with the public personal opinions do not matter and should not come up if they divide the room. I'm sure you will read this and laugh and continue with life without a second thought, I just thought maybe you needed a reminder that what you do is just as sensitive as the retail business I am in. Whether you continue to through in your personal politics into your articles or not I wish you luck and success. As for an old fan of your work though this will be the last piece I will read of yours.”

Fine by me.

What I do is as sensitive as the retail business they are in?

No, when you are in a retail shop, your goal is to sell customers. Those customers are not coming for your opinions or expert knowledge, they are coming to exchange their money for your curated products.

As a fairly prominent blogger about retail, people come to me for my opinions and expert knowledge.  I provide those for free.

They have to pay nothing for them and have to seek them out.

To cut your nose off to spite your face and read two words and decide you’ll never read anything again from that author is disturbing.

Not about me but about their tightly wrapped world.

I haven't taken the easy way out.

I thought Groupons were the worst thing to ever happen to small business and said so early on as a lone wolf when everyone else was saying to do it.

I’ve taken a stand to say you should say Happy Holidays if you don’t know the other person or have heard clues they’ve given you  - not to just say Merry Christmas or force it if someone doesn’t.

And I know I’ve lost readers for that.

Fine by me.

We are all more alike than different.

Anyone who has read my blogs knows that.  I’ve said it lots of times...

Like in this post Sales Tip: The Message of Sheep and Goats 

In this one: From Hating Civil Rights To Honoring Them - My Journey 

And in this one: Retailers Let Their Rainbow Flags Fly 

My grandfather was a Brethren preacher in Virginia. Back in the 40’s, he heard that a pastor in the southern part of the state was about to be let go because he was gay. My grandfather drove across the mountains to say, “This is not who we are” and helped disperse the witch hunt.

I come from great people.

If you are reading my thoughts, opinions and insights and want to minimize my voice, please unsubscribe.  But if you are here to learn about the journey of engaging other people through retail, as filtered through my eyes, experiences and values then please stay.

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