How Using Personality Styles Helps You Make More Retail Sales

By Bob Phibbs

personality styles to sell retailWant your sales associates to make more retail sales?

First, imagine you were just plopped into a car parked on the side of a road, you don’t know how to drive, you don’t know what a road is or how to get the car to run.

You try different things and eventually start the car, pull onto the road and learn the rules but not without a lot of bumps along the way.

That's the training for many retail associates.

They try all kinds of hit-or-miss things...often without realizing they were pre-determining their own success.

Could that be you?

When I was first starting out in retail, I had a hit-or-miss philosophy about sales as well. The customers were either interested in what I was selling. Or they weren't.

But as I got further along in my retail career, I began to see there were definite types that I instantly built rapport with and others where I felt like I was hitting my head against a wall.

Turns out I wasn’t the first to discover this…it was actually the ancient Greeks who identified four personality styles, which we now call the Driver personality style, the Analytical personality style, the Expressive personality style and the Amiable personality style.

Once I understood the four personality archetypes, I was able to discover not only my own strengths and weaknesses, but I could also understand how different types of customers perceived me. Not only that, but I could easily identify customers’ personality styles and give each of them the customer service that would lead them to buy.

When I discovered one day that it was important for one customer to buy something quickly just because she loved it, I was able to stand by and keep my mouth shut because I recognized that she was an Expressive.

When I found out that the reason certain guys - engineers who worked down the street - got so frustrated was because they were Analyticals who had a natural focus on minutia, I could easily modify the way I talked to them.

And that’s when my sales really took off.


Because customers want to buy from people who will listen and talk like the customer needs them to.

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No, not by saying, “Howdy y’all,” or calling them sweetie, or slapping them on the back like some good 'ol boy or the forced handshake as they are entering the store.

Those techniques mean you treat every customer in your store the same...

As you become more confident learning personality styles, you'll learn to listen and talk in a way that will turn your customers into buyers.

And isn’t that what we all want to do?

For me, this became a landmark discovery because I wasn’t trying to make those darn customers understand ME, it was about me understanding and responding to them.

It really made the difference and there's a new product I've developed to help you get out of your own way, make more sales, build rapport quicker and ultimately sell more products. I have an entire course on using personality styles to sell more in my online, interactive, sales training program.

Let me demonstrate how speaking to personality styles to sell SalesRX can work...

If you’re a Driver, your number one goal is to get it done. You'll want to get this because it will help you round off those gruff edges and reduce some people’s number one complaint about you that you can come off arrogant.

If you’re an Analytical, you need to get this because all the product information in the world won't convince a customer to purchase without the soft skills necessary to make your knowledge meaningful to another person.

If you’re an Expressive, you want to have more fun in your job and in your personal life. You need to take this course to focus your natural excitement so other personality styles won't say they have to think about it.

If you’re an Amiable, you want to get along with no conflict. You need to take this course so you can transform your empathy into problem-solving skills that shows why a customer should take it today.

The point

There is no good or bad personality but knowing your own strengths and weaknesses helps you speak to what is important to the customer. 

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