Retail Sales Training Program for Store Meetings

By Bob Phibbs

Training your retail crew is a bit like hosting a barbeque.

Remember the last time you barbequed?

You prepared the food items carefully, lit the fire then added the food. You had to continue to check-in several times or you lost your dinner.

Likewise your retail sales crew has to be trained before they ever talk to a customer but you must continually check on them or you lose customers.

So many times we know we should be helping our crew sell more but don't know what to do.

My online retail sales training program SalesRX takes all the guess work out. Each self-contained lesson builds on learning fundamentals of great retail selling.

Here’s a listing of some of the features of the train the trainer module on SalesRX:

    1. What words to use instead of, “Can I help you find anything?” and how to get your crew to greet everyone in a personable manner.
    2. How to use a prop to make customers relax around you.
    3. How to create the expectation of succeeding and challenging how we predetermine if a person will like us or not.
    4. How soon to greet everyone and how to get it accomplished.
    5. What to say when you follow-up with the browser instead of “Finding everything ok?”
    6. How to find one thing you can comment on
    7. How to look inside at something you have in common
    8. How to be comfortable sharing yourself with others
    9. What kinds of questions to ask to help funnel customer choices down to a few.
    10. What is a feature and how do you find them
    11. The link to features is easy, once you know what it is and make it relevant to the customer.
    12. How to paint a picture so well, the customer sees the benefits of the add-on you suggest.

For the cost of about $7 a day for smaller stores, you get actionable and proven retail sales techniques that break down the mystery of selling your merch.

To learn more about the program, you can go here to grow your sales immediately.


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