How Retailers Create Raving Fans Of Customer Service With Video

By Bob Phibbs

how to create raving customersVideo seals the deal to grow your market and word of mouth.

I saw a Facebook post from my buddy Tim Pratt about how he was engaging a childhood friend Collin Riley to make a guitar for him. What was particularly interesting to me was the YouTube video link Tim attached.

It was of the artist making the guitar.

Collin posts installments as he goes along. Take a look at this week's:

Were you hooked to want to know more? Yes.

Was it personal? Yes.

Was it remarkable? Yes.

What makes them rave
Collin's video is the essence of creating raving fans. It creates the need for whoever receives your product or service to comment on it to another, to have to remark, "check this out."

These days, word of mouth has devolved into, "Check it out - free chicken sandwich today at Krusty's."

You want to grow sales?

You want more customers to rave about your great customer service? Use video. 

Don't make excuses - this is easy to do!

How can you use video like Collin Riley is doing with Tim's guitar.

What is something only you see that customers might be interested in?

Here's some ideas by category:

Florists - How about a video of the flowers you've selected for the arrangement your customer ordered over the phone? Bonus if you take video of the delivery.

Hardware stores - Why not a video of a customer's order for windows being in with a tip on how to install or materials needed?

Window Coverings stores - How about a video of your workroom as they make the drapes showing the fine detail of stitching or how you are making extra allowances for a specific problem window?

Catering company or restaurant - How about a video of you making the cake, cutting the fruit in exacting shapes, whatever to show your customer the lengths you go to for it to be perfect for their upcoming event?

Motorcycle store - How about a video of the mechanic showing how he fixed the bike?

Quilting store - How about a personal invitation back to a quilting get together mentioning something personal about the shopper?

CPA - How about a personal reminder about tax planning in September when you are traditionally slow? Mention something the client could do now to reduce work in January.

Know who raves
There are a variety of reasons to do this but the most important is to keep your product top-of-mind in customers who already know you. Your best customers. Not people who "like" you on Facebook, only show up when you run a sale or got their way by screaming at you to get a refund.

No, these are the people who keep you in business 365 days a year. That's why they're worth the extra work. You again are marketing the fact they made the right decision in choosing you. Especially if they are Feeler personalities.

What makes it work
The key to making these work is the personalization to the recipient. This is not generic, by the books BS of a commercial you created. This is authentically you.

What did Tim have to say about receiving these video updates? "What a great experience. I can't think of any other purchase I've made that even comes close to comparing to this." Oh yeah, this isn't a 10k guitar, it is price comparable to store-bought.

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In Sum

Creating raving fans takes only a bit of effort but it is more than worth it to boost your retail sales.

Master this technique and you'll be singin' Hallelujah instead of cryin' the blues.

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