How To Increase Retail Sales With Just One Upselling Question

increase retail sales with add-on

increase retail sales with add-onIt's gift season.

Everyone is rushed.

Looking for a shortcut.

The magic promotion.

All of this comes from wanting one thing: a profitable year.

No matter how big a store you run...

No matter how exclusive a luxury boutique you work at...

No matter.

Here is the one top secret line I taught the crew to use during to increase holiday retail sales that contributed to me receiving South Coast Plaza's Highest Increase In Sales Award...

"Who else is on your list?"

This simple upselling question after the customer has decided on one or several products, but prior to the salesperson going behind the counter extends the sale.

And it works no matter what time of year...

Why does it work so well?

People are buying because they want the love or affection or admiration from their family or friends. Subliminally, less time running from store to store or trying to navigate the web means less time on those relationships.

Save time shopping by working with a trusted salesperson means more time for being with friends or at home endlessly searching onine.

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In Sum

Nowadays, your competitors are anxious to whisk people out the door with a "Next!" when what customers want is for those names on their list to be crossed off. The big sales go to those who make that list go away.

No, it's not a lot of training.

Yes it can require rethinking your inventory for several age groups and both sexes. But I guarantee it will gain you a heck of a lot more sales than the autopilot, "Anything else?"

If you're tired of trying to juice sales by promotions and discounts and want to enjoy your retail sales more, no matter how large or small, remember, the Retail Doctor makes house calls.

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