How The Actions In Your Retail Store Can Change The World

By Bob Phibbs

retail sales store world

I believe the lack of service, of compassion and interest in retail are symptoms of a larger problem in our world.

I believe:

People are feeling more and more isolated.

Less noticed.

Less validated.

More intolerant.

More judgmental.

I believe we can change the world, and that we must start with the world of retail, by changing the attitudes of people... on both sides of the sales counter.

To that end, I believe that the human voice is the most precious possession we own.

When we don’t develop our own voice or when we stifle ourselves, we cut off the very lifeline to our souls.

And that’s at the heart of why we feel so isolated…

It’s not retail’s fault that things are the way they are.

It’s just easier to see it in a retail store. But we can change that.

No, we must change that.


Will you join me?

Let’s build a better world…

Let’s commit to step it up.

To act like kids again and be curious.

To say “Good morning” to a stranger, just because.


Let’s smile more and complain less.

Let’s show respect, even if they’re younger.

Let’s find a way to help everyone find home again.

Let’s put the words whatever, had to, no problem and couldn’t on the curb with the garbage.

Let’s give up the cynicism, the CNN, and the feeling of numbness that grips us as our own lives drip away like candle wax.

Let’s put the smartphone in the kitchen, instead of by the bedside.

Let’s open our hearts to being alive; to being human beings again.

Let’s trust it will all work out.

Let’s stop categorizing and sharing our woes

As if that was normal conversation.

‘Cause truth be told, it is a fairly wonderful life.


Let’s find a way to change our own day.

And someone else’s.


Before the to-do lists, the Starbucks run, and the text updates,

Let’s carve enough time to just be grateful.

To notice our own voice,

Our own lives,

Our very own selves.


Then let’s notice others

With courtesy

With smiles

With positive comments.


In your office…

In the elevator…

In a store …

On a phone…

Crossing the street…

Or standing in a line.


With a customer…

With an employee…

With an intern…

With your boss...

We all need compassion.


It won’t be easy because most of the world, like much of retail is stuck.


We need you to do your best.

For your family.

Your co-workers.

Your community.

Our very world.


And when we commit to this as individuals working in retail,

We build a better world.

And whether you work in a retail store or you shop in one,

Will you join me?

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