Topic: Retail Sales

Do Men Want Sex When Shopping?

By Bob Phibbs

This is the first of a two-part series on selling to men.

I was reading last month's issue of The Hub with an article by Ken Featherston on Retail Males. It asserts, "Male shoppers tend to take a functional approach to shopping, navigating on autopilot and not stopping to explore. They’re less likely to be excited and inspired and more likely to be bored."

It went on to say, "For men, it is all about the convenience — the product location and display, how fast they can complete a purchase, and how quickly they can move on to the next task."

All this talk about guys not wanting to be enticed or or notice the experience just isn't what I've found. I used to hear something similar from salespeople who didn't "get" why a guy goes shopping.

It's the same as the force behind young college guys on social networks...

Guys are looking to have sex.

That may not be a revelation. (BTW I do not mean with the retail salespeople.)

But it isn't a function of a beautiful saleswoman in a low-cut top....

The real thing about selling to guys - particularly something image based like clothing or luxury goods, is to link their purchase back to their primal drive. If you can do that, they will be plenty interested. But selling to men isn't just something women need to know...

If you’re a guy selling to another guy - you can address the reason guys shop more directly. Here are two examples…

For example, a guy comes into a cowboy store,. "I just need something cheap to go to the bar tonight." "Get these boots and you're sure to get laid," is something only a guy who understands guys - and can read customers - can do.

A CEO heading out to a gala fundraiser might say, "I only need a cheap pair of boots."
Ask: "Are you going with your wife?"
“No, I'm not married, with my new girlfriend."
Ask: "You want to look like a winner with her or a loser?"

We hear sex sells, we see sex everywhere we go. Why make selling - particularly to guys - sexless?

It doesn't pay....

Tomorrow: Why Breastaurants Are So Big (pun intended)

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