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Amiable, Driver, Expressive, Analytical and Other Personality Style Myths Miss the Point

By Bob Phibbs

analytical, driver, amiable, expressive personality stylesI have a confession to make...

I took the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator when I was in college thirty years ago but I don't remember what letters I was.

I'm sure at a high level it is very useful for many people in psychology.

Here's the thing for the rest of us...

Even when I got the results, I didn't know what they meant.

I had to go to a book and thumb back and forth for what each characteristic represented. I felt like Ralphie in A Christmas Story listening to the announcer give him the clues for Ralphie's Orphan Annie decoder ring.

Knowing the results is like a having a 500-page training manual - it lives on a shelf somewhere.

It's never used because it is so complicated.

That's why I created the personality quiz on my site so people could get a simple, hands-on and memorable way of understanding the four personalities the ancient Greeks discovered: the Driver, the Analytical, the Expressive and the Amiable.

Some people have come along and put the four types into colors. I spoke at an event where the groups sat under their specific colors. I had to ask, "What does green mean?" and they had to tell me.

That misses the point.

You don't want this to be a secret society or complicated to remember. The four personality styles need to be assessed quickly in others. Of course we all have elements of each but this isn't clinical psychology.

Its shorthand, a shortcut, a tool.

While there is no right or wrong answer, when people take my personality quiz, they may overthink the answers and end up with results that are evenly split or worse, diametricaly opposed. That's why if that happens, I encourage people to retake the quiz.

But some don't and they'll email me, "Oh, I'm an Amiable-Driver" I bust their bubble a bit and say, "No, you aren't. Those two personality styles are at opposite ends of the spectrum. You either have a big ego that is willing to seek risk or you are selfless and shun risk. You either are a leader, anxious to have people publicly like you with a need for physical rewards - a Driver. OR you are a follower, a person who doesn't want the spotlight whatsoever, who wants a team reward, not a personal reward."

Someone said they were "An Expressive-Analytical." No, an Analytical is obsessed with process, facts, spreadsheets. Expressives are free thinkers, bold, unique, different, opinionated, open to new ways to do and see things. You will never find an Expressive doing accounting or an Analytical being a rock star.

But that all goes back to why do you want to know this information to begin with? Wrapping one's self in a mix of styles drains all the power from the distinctions. 

In Sum

You want to understand the four personalities within yourself clearly from a "which is the dominant player I show to the world." Next you want to see who you've attracted in your life, who you are comfortable around, who pushes your buttons and see if you can type them as well.

As you discover these four personalities, you will find your communication skills will leap upwards and you'll be able to talk to anyone about anything because you know your style and how to be a chameleon.

The real use for my clients is from mastery of that information to then look at customers so you can more consistently deliver an exceptional experience. 

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