A Common Retail Sales Mistake When Selling To The Luxury Customer

By Bob Phibbs

retail sales training for luxury productsThere are many luxury retail salespeople who have folded and settled for lower conversion rates. It is frequently due to one of the most common mistakes in selling to this exclusive market.

Believing that your customers have all done their research online; that they have all the information they need and know exactly what they want when they walk in.

While it’s true some customers may have seen a celebrity photo with your product, read some reviews online, or clicked every button on the brand's site, particularly if they are an Analytical personality, it doesn’t mean they know the brand.

More likely is that your luxury customer discovered that some online competitor appears to be offering 30% off the price of your luxury merchandise.

What that shopper might have discovered were gray market copies which may look exactly like your brand, but aren’t. That's because they are not sold through an authorized dealer.

I asked a guy recently who was wearing a Rolex if people noticed. "They alway ask me if its a real one. It is."

Have you heard people who have chuckled that they, didn’t pay retail only to discover when they brought it in to a brick and mortar luxury boutique that the item was not indeed what they thought?

That could be anything from a watch, to a leather bag to most anything you'd find in the Robb Report - they might have spent a boatload of money for something that wasn’t genuine.

But when it isn’t covered under warranty, it isn’t a deal.

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In Sum

A customer could have gained misinformation about your product or service. In essence a tarnished image. That makes it necessary more than ever to guide the sale when the customer decides to drive to your brick and mortar location.

In the end, is the customer truly more informed than ever before? No.

They oftentimes just have more confusion.

Retail sales training can help increase your conversions when you understand just becaue they ask for it, doesn't mean you can't sell them something even better.

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