9 Best Retail Sales Blogs 2015

By Bob Phibbs

iStock_000053228468_Small-9-best2-2015.jpgEvery year I release a list of my best, most popular blogs in the previous 365 days that I think occasional readers of my retail sales blog might have missed.

From marketing on Facebook to retail sales training to how to attract and greet your customers, here's how to give great customer service and create an exceptional experience. You can click on the title of the blog or the accompanying picture.

#9 Stop Selling, Start Listening To Your Retail Customers. Here's How   

iStock_000022231592_Small-terriers.jpgMost retail sales training misses effective listening skills. Active listening puts the customer first. Here are five tips how.           

Logic Is Sinking Your Retail Sales. How To Counter It.  

http://www.retaildoc.com/blog/logic-is-sinking-your-retail-sales.-heres-how-to-counter-it-retail-sales-trainingUse the following 3 retail sales training ways to improve your customer experience, you'll multiply profits, and increase conversion rates.  


#7 7 Ways Facebook Can Attract Customers To Your Retail Business [pics]  

iStock_000036734782_Small-facebook.jpgHere are 7 ways to attract customers to your retail store using Facebook. Whether you're a big retailer or small shop, here's how you market smarter.  


#6 11 Ways Your Retail Employees Convert Buyers Into Lookers And Sabotage Your Sales      

iStock_000003944862_Small-sabotage.jpgEmployees who are disengaged and bored eat into your sales. Their performance, without retail sales training means your sales are at risk.  


#5 10 Non-Negotiables Customers Expect When Visiting A Retail Store 

http://www.retaildoc.com/blog/10-non-negotiables-customer-experience-visiting-a-retail-storeRetail customers have a lot of expectations when visiting a store. Here are ten they won't put up with and how to exceed their wishes.           



#4 The 5 Stupidest Questions To Ask Retail Shoppers        

http://www.retaildoc.com/blog/sales-training-5-stupidest-questions-to-ask-retail-shoppersSales training is imperative if you want your retail employees to improve conversion rates. These retail management tips correct common mistakes.

#3 The One Reason Customers Aren’t Returning To Retail Stores

http://www.retaildoc.com/blog/the-one-reason-customers-aren-t-returning-to-retail-storesLooking to attract customers to your store? First discover the real reason shoppers aren't returning to retail stores - employees and service.   


#2 How To Avoid Hearing A Customer’s “No, I’m Just Looking” Ever Again       

http://www.retaildoc.com/blog/how-to-avoid-hearing-a-retail-selling-customers-no-im-just-looking-againRetail salespeople hate to hear, "No, I'm just looking." Greet your customer the right way and deal with the hell zone in your store.         


#1 The 5 Lies Customers Tell You And How To Sell Around Them  

http://www.retaildoc.com/blog/retail-selling-tips-the-5-lies-customers-tell-you-and-how-to-sell-around-themThe five lies retail customers tell you and how to sell around them.


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In Sum

Thank you to all of you who read my thoughts on how to create an exceptional experience for your retail customers. I don't think omnichannel is going to be the norm any time soon. In fact, I believe just the opposite as several surveys say 85% of customers will still visit brick and mortar retailers well into the next decade. 

The trouble is most brick and mortar stores just aren't cutting it when it comes to their people skills so shoppers are ordering online rather than shopping.

For that reason, there will be several retailers who won't make it next year but it doesn't have to be you.  

Keep focused on what you can do in your four walls, read blogs like this one to stay abreast of retail trends, get yourself some retail sales training either from me in person on my online sales training program SalesRX.

Above all, remember you're just playing a game of retail, one that is difficult to master but that is very fun to play.

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