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5 Trends That Will Cause Bricks and Mortar Retailers To Lose Sleep in 2013

By Bob Phibbs

retail sales trendsAs a retail expert, I'm often asked for comments on retailing, retail sales training and yes, trends. That's because there is so much chatter in the media about consumer behavior, technology and constant surveys that the bigger trends are lost. Last year's list was so popular I came up with ten retail sales trends for 2013.

Here are the first five, if you want to read all ten, you can click here and enter a bit of information and receive them without charge.

As the economy heats up, so will your competition.

There are simply too many places to buy the same thing. Those who met with success last year will look to expand both their online and brick and mortar business.

As the economy heats up and customers look at their options, so will your employees.

While unemployment is still high, your best will be looking for a raise from you or opportunities elsewhere.

Customers could be in front of or even in your store and get a message that a better deal is close-by.

Phone carriers will be driving the next phase of deals as they seek customers via GPS and NFC technology.

Expect fewer suppliers.

As it becomes harder and harder to stay profitable, many will choose to simply close.

Expect online, free shipping to become the norm.

Since Amazon and the rest are offering it you’re going to have to find a way to do it too.

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