How 5 Independent Retailers Are Killing It With Facebook Live Video - And How You Can Too

marketing your store to grow retail salesLooking for free or low cost marketing ideas for your retail small business? Facebook Live video has provided you a golden opportunity as I highlighted in this post

It costs you nothing but your ego.

Not sold on video yet? How about these startling statistics from 7 Atoms:

  • 74% of all internet traffic will be video by next year. 
  • 65% of video viewers watch more than 3/4 of a video. 
  • One minute of video is worth 8 million words. 
  • 46% of viewers take some action after watching a video.

Now do I have your attention?

While it might be tempting to have someone other than you do the videos, take a look at these five...

Naples Soap Company in Florida

Naples Soap Company has eight stores that feature natural & organic bath and body products as well as a signature line for eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions.

What the owner Deanna does right:

  • Takes viewers behind the scenes of her business.

  • Let’s them know she’s just like them.

  • Gives them a tip for how to feel better.

The Spice Way in Encinitas, California

The Spice Way is a franchise that specializes in spices, infusions, herbs and blends.

What the franchisee Debbie does right:

  • Instantly welcoming and friendly.

  • Educates customers on how to do something easier.

  • Shows how additional products help deliver the item she’s featuring.

Olde Mill Shoppes in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

The Olde Mill Shoppes are located in a restored 19th century stone house and barn which features home furnishings with period reproductions, seasonal decoartions, a full floral department and lighting.

What the owner Tina does right:

  • She’s wearing the product she’s describing.

  • She gives a bit of history and teases that next time there might be a trivia contest.

  • She engages in the comments afterwards.

"One of Bob's recommendations as a retail consultant when he visited my store was to increase my "live" fb videos and give my customers some incite on our products. So, for the past 3 weeks I've done 3 videos and I'm amazed at the responses I've been getting. People thanking me for the videos, enjoying the tips I give them, and I've sold product because they saw something in the video that caught their eye. I've also had customers approach me in the store and tell me they saw me "Live" on FB. I feel it's a great way to communicate what you have to offer and help your clients be more aware of your products." - Tina Ator

Sew A Lot in Ohio

Sew-A-Lot has three locations in Kentucky and Ohio offering a variety of both quilting and embroidery  supplies as well as sewing machines.

What the owner Liz does well:

  • Has fun with it, “Did you change your needle?”

  • Had a Matrix-style spin around.

  • Helps customers feel smarter.

Next Health in Hollywood, California

Next Health takes the latest cutting-edge medical technology found in professional sports and brings it to everyone in one location.

 What Ryan does well:

  • Has fun and keeps the viewer engaged.

  • Explains a lot of information with benefits.

  • Something is always moving in the video.

See a common thread?

They all have fun with it. They are genuine. They are engaged.

That’s what attracts customers back to your business and helps build your retail sales. Your fans had fun watching! In the moment, these retailers showed the humanness of the business.

And the results?

  • 7300 views in 48 hrs. Next Health

  • 4500 views in 48 hrs. Sew A Lot

  • 4100 views in 24 hrs. Naples Soap Company

  • 2400 views in 24 hrs. Olde Mill Shoppes

  • 2300 views in 48 hrs. The Spice Way

When most Facebook business page posts get 10-50 views, this is huge.

Most of these retailers reported sales of the items mentioned in the videos went up, and that’s good. But the most important thing is they stayed top-of-mind to their fans.

That’s a big part of marketing because there are too many places to buy too much of the same thing.  These retailers made a personal connection, a connection a staged video or product picture simply can’t do.

On top of that, they showed their faces - it’s called Facebook for a reason, not Productbook. Showing their faces made it personal.

How to post live video to your Facebook fan page?

 • First, make sure you use the Pages App on your phone otherwise you’ll probably post to your personal account. Also make sure you have a solid Wi-Fi connection.

 • Second, make sure you have a friend who understands how to use your camera and who has a steady hand.

 • Next, give it a title that will intrigue and educate your viewers on a common problem or tip that only you, who understands them and your own products, can solve.

 • Begin by introducing who you are and where you are in your store.

 • Make sure your camera person makes a Matrix-type spin around you to get follower’s attention.

 • Try to go for at least 3-5 minutes since it takes a while for your audience to find you.

 • Ask viewers to like and share at the beginning, middle, and end of your video.

 • Before you sign off, ask them to comment and share. Remind them again who you are and where you are located.

 • Save your video to your phone. 

 * After about an hour, boost your post either with the Boost button or even better, create an ad in the Ad Manager to reach an even broader audience. You'll probably see  a message like this suggesting you boost it as well.

how to use Facebook live marketing

Final point: Make sure you do at least one a week to keep your fans engaged. 

See also, How To Use Live Video When Marketing Your Business

In Sum

Marketing that sticks happens when you create great, meaningful content for your customers. You have to stop interrupting people by telling them how great you are and instead, be seen and heard as someone people are truly drawn to.

Using Live video makes your store your followers store of choice. That’s the gold standard over online retailers - you’ve created a human connection.

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