3 Ideas To Steal And Grow Your Retail Business Without Spending Money

3 ideas smart retailer successful tipsRetailers are tripping all over each other trying to knock themselves off and create low-priced versions of themselves. Whether it’s J.Crew’s recent announcement, Macy’s, or GAP Factory they’re all struggling with how to grow their business. 

Attracting discount, value shoppers is their bold vision.

This is not where successful retailing is heading and, as is often the case, the independent shops are showing how to do it right.

To that end, I interviewed Kate Tanner who owns two  businesses, Baby Stop and Kids Stop in Scottsdale, Arizona. Her stores have been named Best of Phoenix many times.

I asked her to share what makes her stores successful.

She agreed to share three ideas that show any entrepreneurs or small business owners how to grow. Her best advice to any retailer of any size and product mix comes at the end of the 3 minute clip. Have a look

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In Sum

So many retailers carry a mindset of sameness when it comes to their merchandise.

A mindset of we’ve always done it this way to their product mix.

A mindset they know what will absolutely work, and what won’t – usually dictated by their own wallet.

A mindset that customers only want the cheapest.

Kate Tanner and her crew have proven that is not the case.

The proof? Forty other toy stores have closed in her area over the past few years, yet hers continues to grow and expand.

That comes from her philosophy to:

  • Be open to other people’s ideas.
  • Be the best
  • Carry the best.

Retail is full of way too many same-old, me-too shops.

Those are being squeezed out daily.

Stand above the competition with these three tips to grow your business by adjusting your attitude and expectations about your customers.

There’s always someone cheaper...always.

The main way you stand out from the crowd too is how you create an exceptional experience for customers. That comes from training your crew.

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