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Retail Consultant Case Studies Worth Reading From The Retail Doctor

Here are several retail business makeover case studies from some of the smallest retailers to largest who’ve used me as their retail consultant.  While I don’t rely on a sales staff or cold-calling to get new business, use these case studies to familiarize yourself with my work as the Retail Doctor.  I help various sizes of retail businesses, these case study successes are theirs.

Retail Business Makeover – The Importance Of Owning Your Own Space [Case Study]

Mascot studio new york nyRetail business makeover in Manhattan of a small framing shop and gallery with tips how to improve your business. Peter McCaffrey is a New York City artist who has owned Mascot Studio, a retail store where he has performed custom framing for nearly thirty years.

retail sales consultant Local Grocer & Nursery Makeover [Case Study]

 A reinvention of a retail family business completed in the first quarter of 2013. Discover this 3-part blog featuring Black Horse Farms which includes great lessons on how to attract customers to your store and get them to return.

Creating Buzz For Your Small Business [Case Study]

The way you get buzz, buzz in your retail business that is sustainable and leads to higher profits, is to be a business worthy of buzz. That means you have to earn your customers’ trust. This is the transformation story of one of my first clients, Polly’s Gourmet Coffee with lessons on how to grow your retail business.

Retail Consultant Results: How to Attract Customers to Your Retail Store 

Location a problem? This case study spotlights the results of creatively leveraging your retail location. So many times the thing that can most attract a customer – or make them drive right on by – is the exterior of your store.


Where To Find Customers For Quickserve Restaurant – Retail Consultant Results

When people ask for success stories of working with me as a retail consultant, I offer case studies. This owner wasted his marketing dollars on people who would never try his food product no matter how low-fat or high-quality it is. And he’d lost sight of their most important selling point: taste.


Retail Consultant Sales Training Results In Double-Digit Increase

This is a case study that featured a custom program developed to incorporate a new store design with custom phone scripts, retail sales training, personal coaching and role playing for owners and their salespeople.


Retail Consultant Success Changing A Regional Chain’s Culture  

This case study spotlights changing a company’s entire culture from one of nurturing to nurturing and selling. From the CEO, “We had become bogged down in survival. And it wasn’t a healthy place to be… Not for me as the leader or my team. I needed someone to help me work on a new direction for my business and help me hear and observe what was going on. I was looking for a shift change in who we were.”


What Retailers Can Learn From A Hotel Makeover [Case Study]retail consultant case study success

This 3-part study of a culture change shows how the client focused on a remarkable experience for their customers. And the revenues followed.



vase in dirtHow Brand Identity Makes Your Marketing Easier [Case Study]

Knowing your brand identity – what it is based on and who it is targeting makes your marketing job much easier. Here’s a case study from the Retail Doctor.

Why I’m Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor with a ®

In some of the glowing reviews of my new book, some writers and bloggers have called attention to the fact I am referred to throughout the book as Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor®.

There’s a reason, it is a registered trademark of my business, the Retail Doctor; legal counsel insisted. Continue reading Why I’m Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor with a ® »