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Welcome to this overview of the retail services and products motivational speaker Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor has for you.

This page will give you a brief tour of all the retail training, sales tools, speaker and consultant resources you can find on the Retail Doctor site.

Retail Motivational Speaker

Are you a meeting planner looking to hire a dynamic speaker? I speak about: retail sales training, customer service, discounting, showrooming, marketing, web strategies, merchandising, display, signage, retail management, personality styles, and of course, motivation.

You’ll find the complete page devoted to my speaking presentations with raving fan comments, a selection of customizable presentations and a demo video of me as retail speaker at Caesars Palace here.

Retail Consultant

Looking to transform your business; whether that is a Fortune 500 or mom & pop brick and mortar shop? You can read case studies, see what the process looks like and read testimonials. Discover my full range of consultant services from sales training to creating a new business culture, the details are all here.

Training Products

Looking for retail sales training programs like DVDs, workbooks, e-learning and my books?  Your retail success tools are waiting for you here.

Free Resource Center

Are you dealing with increasing sales in your business, franchise system, dealer network or chain? Checkout my free resource center which has quizzes and some of my best white papers and special reports on everything from the dangers of daily deal sites to showrooming, all right here.


Are you looking for specific articles on popular topics like sales training, marketing, social media, discounting and management?  Check out my blog page here, which is searchable by topic.

Raving Fan Testimonials

Trying to find out what clients have said about using Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor as their motivational speaker, consultant or his products? You can find all of that information here.

However you got here, I’m glad you’ve chosen to find out how I can help you optimize your business whether it is as me as a motivational speaker to your group, consultant to your franchise location or entire organization, as your mentor via my success products or as your resource in growing your sales via my writings.

Enjoy discovering the tools to grow your business brought to you by the original Retail Doctor, already the resource for some of the largest, best-known brands, luxury retailers and small businesses in the world.

Good selling!

Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor®